Letters to the editor

The world's people are enlightened ... or are they?

The surge is working! Not the war surge but the enlightenment surge. The people of the world are responding to the human caused chaos and destruction all around them. People who were lazy are now getting active, those blind can now see, the fools are getting smart, the lies are coming to light. The timid are now showing courage, the hopeless now see hope, the hateful are showing compassion, the sheep are now becoming leaders, the selfish are now giving, those who only saw competition now want to learn cooperation.

The irresponsible are now accepting personal responsibility, the believers in war are awakening to its endless folly, the nationalists are beginning to believe in more human unity, the fundamentalists are seeing the unfolding wisdom of goodness extended to all. The doom sayers are now seeing a brighter future, the demigods and warmongers who rally hate and fear have fewer and fewer listeners, those enslaved by the powerful few are liberating themselves, and the war chants and flag-waving has turned to more prayers and actions for peace, cooperation, understanding and friendship. The people of the world are erupting in a beautiful volcano of enlightenment.

The goodness of humanity will overcome the evil men do. The surge is working!

David Anderer


Principle reasons to support Obama

Barack Obama's commitment to pull the U.S. troops out of Iraq soon after his election and his willingness to listen to our scientists in environmental and climate change issues plus his interest in stem cell research are principal reasons for us to support his presidential election.&

Furthermore, he is the only presidential candidate who has revived the conversation regarding race.&

We urged him to continue his effort to unite Americans of all races.&

Porter and Corinne Lombard


Vote for change, vote for Obama

If you would live in a nation that places human dignity before the twisted dreams of a false and tragic, fear-based (but sadly conventional) worldview, then please vote. Vote for change. Vote for America.

Your vote does indeed count. Barack Obama would not be where he is today if millions of people didn't believe that their vote counted.

What we are truly voting for is a window and a doorway into the future. Someone is going to be our next president. And as Barack Obama so elequently said, "They do count most of the votes."

So, please vote. Someday you will be proud to tell your grandkids that you were there. That you voted for Obama.

Randy Dolinger

Woman has a bone to pick with Animal Shelter

I am a working, responsible professional and animal advocate who offered my services as a foster dog parent to the Friends of the Animal Shelter, working with Jackson County Animal Control.&

On my application, I wrote that my dog exhibits "occasional leash aggression."&

I also wrote that I study and practice the teachings of dog rehabilitator, Cesar Milan, and that his techniques have enhanced the rehabilitation of my own rescue dogs.

I was contacted by the volunteer program manager who set up a home visit with me to confirm that mine would be an adequate foster home.

On the day of our scheduled visit, she called me a few hours ahead of time to ask if she could bring her baby.

I told her I did not want the distraction of a baby since I did not have young children anymore, although my dog frequently socializes with other dogs, cats and preschool children at my dog walker's home (Banjo the Dog Walker).

The manager cancelled our visit and would not respond to my calls or e-mails for several weeks to arrange another visit without her baby.

Finally, she responded telling me that FOTAS did not want to risk their dogs with my "aggressive Mastiff"... and that she "hopes I understand."

Well, I don't. Perhaps FOTAS will one day find that perfect volunteer.

In the meantime, another day goes by for the shelter animals living in their cages 24/7, if they're lucky enough not to be euthanized.

(Did I mention my rescue Mastiff has four broken canines?).

Lisa A. Frost, R.N., M.A., J.D., Attorney at Law

Animal Rights Advocate

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