Letters to the editor

City needs to cut back spending, not raise taxes

Enough is enough.

In referring to the proposed budget, City Administrator Bennett states that "the city's expenditures &

like everyone in America is experiencing &

are going up faster than our revenues." She's correct.

The citizens of Ashland are paying higher gasoline prices, food prices, health care costs, etc, etc.

So on top of all of those increases, she expects us to pay higher property taxes as well?

Living in Ashland for 21 years we have witnessed families leaving and schools closing as ordinary people are no longer able to afford to live here.

In raising our family we are seriously concerned that as our children reach adulthood they will not be able to afford to live in the town they love and grew up in.

We have had to make cutbacks in our business and family expenditures as costs continue to rise.

The citizens of Ashland don't have the option of taxing someone else in order to maintain our standard of living.

We are "sucking it up", becoming more frugal, and seriously thinking about expenditures before making them.

The City of Ashland needs to do the same.

You need to run the City like we run our businesses and families.

Private business is laying people off, withholding raises, and cutting benefits.

The City needs to do the same. If our revenues are down, your revenues should be down. It is absolutely immoral to raise taxes on a struggling population.

The City is supposed to exist for the benefit of the citizens, not to tax them out of town.

Jeff Williams

Shame on AHS for dismantling student mural

Shame, Jeff, shame

Is just another name

for the absolute insanity of the biblical fiction

depicting the genitalia

as the evil which must be covered

as we are thrust into the world

for the sin of pleasure.

Check it out.&

When will we

accept our humanity and honor

the wisdom of some who come after us.

Up with Art and Truth.

Jill Iles


Neighborhood requests removal of Obama sign

At the request of my friendly neighborhood homeowners association, I&

have removed the Obama 08 sign from the front yard of the home I rent.&

Apparently the CCRs prohibit any signs except real estate signs in&

the front yards of the homes in this area.

To say that I am appalled at this request from my neighbors is an&


They are nice people.&

But they've allowed a lousy idea to become and remain part of the rules governing their little&

piece of paradise.

This lazy complacency is exactly why many of the rights we've taken for granted in this country, are no longer granted.

Someone a lot wiser than me once said, "the world belongs to those&

who show up".&

I believe this is very true. I also believe that we have to be very careful about who we allow to show up on our behalf.

This is why I am voting for Barack Obama, whom I believe speaks,&

leads and acts from his heart.

I encourage my neighbors to do the same.

Lon Fiala

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