Letters to the editor

Please appoint Dolinger to city commission


I would like to extend my endorsement for Randy Dolinger for the vacant seat on the Housing Commission. Randy is unlike any person that I have ever met, with or without a permanent residence.&

To many, the thought of a homeless person drums up visions of unkempt people holding cardboard signs, and asking for handouts.

Randy represents none of that, quite the contrary. I have never seen Randy ask for anything, in fact, he recently invited me to join in a tribute meal in memorial to Bennett, the homeless puppeteer that perished in a fire this past winter. I proudly attended.

Randy has long been a powerful advocate for the homeless committee, and affordable housing is something vital to the future of our town. Archives will indicate his many letters published in the media. Randy will be a great contribution to the Housing Commission.

Mr. Mayor, I ask you to appoint Randy Dolinger to the Ashland Housing Committee. I know that he will do a superb job.

George Pearson

Tongue in cheek response to 'Altar Boyz' criticism

Regarding Mr. Beitler's letter (April 9) concerning the play 'Alter Boyz,' I am relieved to hear that individuals from as far away as Colorado are coming to our misguided town to preach to us about what is appropriate for our entertainment.

Oregonians are a twisted lot, often blurring the lines between parody and sacrilegious. Especially in theater. Good heavens, we should know that most theatre deliberately blasphemes religion. I was reared in the Midwest, under the all-seeing eyes of a Calvinist religion. We knew beyond a doubt that most dance, theater, art and 'modern' music was, in fact, inappropriate; too secular. There were, as I recall, one or two plays that passed muster, but most folks were too busy to attend, choosing to scour pages of the Good Book in hopes of interpreting ways to chastise others without revealing intolerance.

Rev. Larry Koster

Speaking about canines and kids

As someone who commutes to Ashland daily, I enjoy the city's fine parks. But I must warn you that they face a menace, a drooling, pooping menace. I speak, of course, of children.

Some time ago the city wisely banned dogs from parks and outdoor restaurants, but this left the job half-finished. Dogs were only the tip of the spear, or perhaps of the snout. Therefore I would like to modestly propose that children and toddlers be banned from all spots where dogs are not welcome. Only when children are also excluded can Ashland be as it should be: a town where nothing ever inconveniences tourists and retirees.

I submit to you that every rationale mustered to exclude dogs applies doubly to children. A dog's bark annoys, but we are genetically disposed to zero in on a child's piercing cry. An infant's caterwaul is not virtually, but literally impossible to ignore. Similarly, a dog's poop, if left unscooped, can be a hazard to our shoes. But a child who has soiled himself carries his poop along with him. And rather than being quickly retrieved, bagged, and thrown away, a child requires an adult to change its diapers, often in our public facilities.

Furthermore, toddlers produce more poop, and more frequently, and in wetter, smellier forms, than our canine companions.

Finally, it has been argued that dogs in parks and restaurants present something of a health hazard. Two words: species barrier. Compare how much more frequently parents of young children are sick when compared to childless dog owners.

Submitted with spiritual guidance from Jonathan Swift.

Warren Hedges

Montague, Calif.

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