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Response to coverage of film

Recently, your reporter stopped by to interview myself and my partner Radha Nilia about our film "Hope Cafe" shot on location in Ashland. We were more than a little surprised to see how our project was interpreted on paper. Firstly, the title "Doing the Work of God Through Film Making" leaves a heavy, sobering taste in our mouths, so we can only imagine your readers must feel the same way!

Our film Hope Cafe is a light-hearted, faith-based comedy. We created the characters with real people and situations in mind (i.e. the "hopeless" gangster from east L.A. that turns his life around, the boutique owner from Chicago searching for new beginnings etc.) We want people to find hope and inspiration through our motion art and to feel related to these characters.

The synopsis you published was incorrect. According to the article, the story is about a girl who moves from Chicago and is introduced to a customer who shows her the way to Jesus. The real synopsis is as follows:

A troubled young mother, Jade Torres, re-locates from Chicago to Ashland, Ore. in search of a better life. Jade finds work at a local cafe and settles into her new environment, beginning a budding romance with Hector, a hustler from East LA keeping a low profile in the small town. But when Jade finds out Hector has been keeping secrets about his livelihood and, soon after, the creepy store manager Ray comes onto her, she reaches out to the Lord for guidance with the help of her co-worker, Hayden. A turning point for both Jade and Hector, they realize a relationship with God is what's been missing.

Another disappointment was none of our credentials were listed. Radha has produced four feature films. Ayvee has music supervised three, written a novel and penned a sequel to a feature film. Both women co-directed, co-produced and starred in the film. Ayvee wrote the screenplay.

We accepted the interview from Ashland Daily Tidings in good faith, trusting our words and film project would be shown in a positive, empowering light. We have no qualms with any religion or anyone. We celebrate people from all walks of life. The recurring themes of our film, which we explained to your reporter, are: don't judge, kindly and gently share the Word with others, and wait on the Lord's timing."

We love Ashland and are happy to be creating our sweet, positive films in this magical town.

Ayvee Verzonilla and Radha Nilia

Wake up, America!

What degree of mind atrophy does it require to believe that a U.S. Senator should pander to convince the American public that he is patriotic by wearing a tacky little metallic flag lapel pin which was mass produced in Communist China for five cents? Come on, America! While we have such serious problems to solve we're wasting precious time on nonsense like this?

Ed Dillon

Support for John Frohnmayer

Every two years, I relish my opportunity to flex my democratic muscle. This year although I am registered as a member of the Democratic Party, I am voting for the Independent Party candidate, John Frohnmayer. In a true democracy, the voter shouldn't be curtailed by party lines and sotto-party loyalty.

As a university student and mother, Frohnmayer's stance on liberal education appeals to me. He's committed to more than throwing money at higher education. Frohnmayer proposes federal block grants, so each state is funded without having to fit a federal mold.

We must educate our children to be creative thinkers because creativity is the currency of the 21st century. Everyone knows early training in the arts provides both the discipline and brain development needed to foster better students and better citizens.

John Frohnmayer's stance on curbing war spending and directing war-machine funding to education shows his dedication to America's future.

Rebekah Mobley-Kasner

Wolf Creek

The left hook



a certified cycling instructor, I know that the motor vehicle/bicycle collision&

that occurred on Siskiyou&

Blvd is&

a common type of collision. A motor vehicle turning left across the path of a cyclist&

is the number 2 cause of collisions, exceeded in crash causes only by riding&

facing traffic.&


A left hook, as&

this type of crash is&

know in cycling education, is preventable. Education of the cyclist to properly react is&

the key.&

In this case the educated bicyclist would have executed a "Quick Turn" right and therefore found themselves, almost instantly, cycling in the same direction as the turning motor vehicle.&

This technique and many others were taught in the League of American Bicyclists Road One course, recently presented by Parks and Recreation at the Grove.&

Often we fall into the habit of saying "It was just an accident; there was nothing I could do." In fact all crashes&

are preventable. Most bicyclists have no formal education in the operation of their vehicle and do not understand prevention techniques. This is as much the fault of the&

educators as the cyclists. There are not enough courses given and most "experienced cyclists think they do not need education. In fact all vehicle (a bicycle is a vehicle under state law) operators need education.

Lastly, motorists need to learn to look for non motorized road users. Bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians&

can significantly reduce the number of crashes by becoming better educated.&

Bill Heimann


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