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Support for Jeff Merkley

Of two brilliant Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, one is best prepared to defeat Gordon Smith. I urge you to join me in voting for Speaker Jeff Merkley in the May 20 primary.

As a presidential fellow, Jeff worked in the office of the Secretary of Defense on military technology, arms treaties and NATO.&

Then he moved to the Congressional Budget Office, where his responsibilities included nuclear policy analysis.&

Since coming home from Washington, Jeff has served five terms in the state Legislature, where he helped elect more Democrats. After we regained the majority in 2006, Jeff led one of the most successful legislative sessions in the history of Oregon.

Steve Novick, our other candidate, has served as chief of staff for Democrats in the state Senate and as policy directory for Gov. Kulongoski. He has helped fight the "initiative wars" against anti-government fanatics.

We need to support dedicated leaders like Jeff and Steve.&

But now we must decide which of them has the best shot at defeating right-wing Republican Gordon Smith, who voted to invade Iraq and helped the Bush administration ruin our economy.

Jeff Merkley can beat Gordon Smith in November and help our country recover from the Bush debacle.&

Let's elect Jeff to the U.S. Senate.

Pam Marsh

Diarmuid McGuire

Merkley is best candidate for U.S. Senate

Why Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senator? Take a look at these dates: 1998 - 2008.

Jeff Merkley arrived in the Oregon House in 1998, as the Kevin Mannix/Karen Minnis era was flourishing. On the other hand, the infamous kicker law was beginning to drain Oregon's general funds for education at all levels, public safety, the Oregon Health Plan and other vital social services.

While in the minority, Jeff began to display both his intellectual prowess and tactical smarts.&

By 2003, he was elected the new Democratic caucus leader because he'd persuaded fellow Democrats that he could lead them back to power. And he used the organizational skills acquired during a decade as executive director of the World Affairs Council of Oregon and Portland Habitat for Humanity to do just that. His colleagues give Merkley credit for gains in Democratic seats between 2004 and 2006.

The 2007 session brought Democrats back into the majority in the Oregon House &

by one vote. Jeff Merkley was elected speaker and kept his 31 caucus members unified, ordered Democratic chairmen to meet weekly with Republican vice-chairmen and urged his colleagues to work at problem solving rather then simply scoring political points off each other. Once again, he prevailed and the session was a success.

These are just the political skills we need in the U.S. Senate, and Jeff Merkley has proved he can deliver. The word is out that he is a genuine legislator. Join me and mark your primary ballot for Jeff Merkley.

Nan Trout

Merkley is stellar among candidates

Amid all the news about Obama and the Clintons visitng Oregon, local Democrats may actually have an even better opportunity to influence the future direction of the country. I'm referring to the upcoming senatorial campaign in which Gordon Smith is standing for re-election. &

We Democrats have a stellar candidate to run against Smith in the person of Jeff Merkley. Jeff is the speaker of the Oregon Assembly. He has impressive and highly relevant credentials. He is the son of a timber worker from Myrtle Creek, whose family was subjected to the disruptions of that industry. He was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Stanford and getting a masters in public policy from Princeton. &

He was a presidential fellow at the Pentagon and weapons systems analyst for Congress. Later, he led Habitat for Humanity in Oregon and was President of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. He has served five terms in the Oregon House of Representatives and &

this is important &

worked with Peter Buckley to regain Democratic control of that body. As a result, he was asked to serve as House speaker and led the most productive bi-partisan session in many years.

Jeff Merkley is the right man at the right time for our state and our country. Please give him your serious consideration in the May Democratic primary. &

John Stromberg

Merkley is a strong leader


Jeff Merkley, speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, has an impressive track record of 25 years of public service. But what has made me an enthusiastic supporter is that, when faced with legislative stalemate several years ago, he led his party back to power. When critical legislation like the Rainy Day Fund fell apart, he brought party leaders back to the table. He kept public school education at the top of his priority list and assured the legislature increased, desperately needed funding. He doesn't run from problems, he meets them head on. He is effective and committed to Oregonians.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate.

Amy Amrhein

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