Letters to the editor

Support Spoonts for county clerk

I am writing in support of Karen Spoonts for Jackson County Clerk. I served as Medford city recorder and Karen as the deputy city recorder. I found her to be very competent, conscientious, detail oriented and has unparalleled energy for the work at hand. The city recorder's office responsibility included the recording of documents at the county, and abiding by state laws relating to records management, elections, contract management and annexations and foreclosures. Karen relates well with others and has developed a good networking with other clerks through professional organizations. I feel she would do an excellent job and I am very comfortable recommending her as Jackson County clerk.

Beverly Sandblast Fisher


Support Obama for president

We also choose Obama in spite of all the crude attempts to smear his name and reputation. He has our trust and our vote &

for sure, in spite of all the vicious and vile attacks.

A. C. Germann

Support McGeary for circuit court

I was born and raised in Jackson County and I have known Doug McGeary and his family since my days at&

Phoenix High School. I've watched Doug build his career as a respected lawyer in this area. We also served together as members of the board of directors for a local nonprofit organization and I saw his work first hand. He took his appointment seriously and took great care to understand and act on the tough issues. Doug will make a fine judge. Vote Doug McGeary, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge.

Bill Bagley


McGreary has a proven reputation

I have known Doug McGeary and his family for many years. As an attorney, I have followed Doug's career in this legal community, and I've even had the pleasure to work with him while he represented Jackson County competently on complex and controversial land use matters. He's proved true to his reputation as a fair and honorable attorney in all of our dealings. I believe he will make an excellent Circuit Court Judge for Southern Oregon. Vote for a judge with the right experience and temperament &

vote Doug McGeary for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge, position 6.

John R. Hassen


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