Letters to the editor

'Seabiscuit' for president

Hillary Clinton is our nation's "Seabiscuit" during these frayed times &

in that she is small, but has true grit.&

In my opinion it is simply time for woman's voice to heard in the land.

My younger son, who always voted "R," tells me he will vote for her because he feels she is the most capable.

Ashland citizens contributed a tidy sum for her campaign: $175,000.&

The race is not over and must not be decided by media. The nuns were "disinfranchised" in Indiana by a law that may have contributed to less votes for Clinton. The DNC should not have the power to negate the voters in Florida and Michigan. Blacks and women paid dearly for voting rights and they are the ones who should care most deeply that every citizen has his and her vote counted.

J. M. Peters

Vote for Keith for commissioner

As the primary election comes to a close, here's a riminder to get your ballots in, and encouragement to vote for Scott Keith for County Commissioner. He is a man of integrity, character and vision, and as a working man with a family and volunteer firefighter, he is the people's choice. His ideas are refreshing, brilliant and easily implemented, and his influence will do a world of good for Jackson County.

Martine Baker

Support Wright for assessor

Dan Ross has had 20 years to get the assessor's office in working order, and it is still a mess. No more excuses. It is time for a change! Roy Wright will restore accountability, timeliness, and much needed transparency to this troubled office. Vote for Roy Wright for Jackson County Assessor.

Samarra Burnett

McGeary is our choice

We urge you to vote for Doug McGeary. Doug's family roots are here in Southern Oregon. He graduated from Phoenix High School, received his B.A. from Portland State University, and received his law degree from Lewis Clark.

Doug spent ten years with the Jackson County District Attorney's Office and has been a civil attorney for nine years with an excellent reputation. We've known Doug and his family for a long time. He has a strong commitment to the Rogue Valley and the experience, knowledge, and integrity to be an outstanding judge in Jackson County Circuit Court, position 6.&


Zellah Jerry Swartsley


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