Letters to the editor

Encouraging more flag displays

The Iraq casualty flag display was certainly impressive. Now that the precedent has been established, Mothers Against Drunk Driving should put out flags displaying the over 42,000 U.S. drunk driving deaths each year and Right To Life should put out flags displaying the over 1,000,000 abortions performed in the U.S. each year. Will SOU allow those displays?

Brian Gorham

Suggestions for presidential running mates

I hope Clinton and Obama will be running mates. That is the best strategy. As a citizen who likes them both, I'm terrified something might happen to one of them. If elected, they should also carefully choose the Speaker of the House, and in my opinion, they should choose a black woman with a strong political background.&

California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters would be ideal. She would be a great president. Both Clinton and Obama are accomplished leaders. Though there've been a few sparks as they've competed with each other for the Democratic nomination, I believe those same sparks can powerfully work together to lead our nation.

Patti Morey

The meaning of Israel's 60th birthday

In response to Gene Robbin's letter published May 6, Israel's 60th anniversary is May 14, 2008. And I know exactly where I was when Israel became a state.

I was in Philadelphia, Penn., sitting in front of the radio with my grandfather Morris. As we listened to the words at the United Nations, Grandpop told me, "This is the most important day of all of our lives &

Jew or Gentile."

I was 6 years old. And I never forgot my grandfather's words. When I finally visited Israel in 1994, I wept at every holy site I visited: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. No where else in the world is like Israel.

According to the Bible, Israel is the land that God gave to the two children of Abraham. They've been fighting over it for 3,300 years. Maybe one day the fighting will stop. Israel will survive. Gene Robbins' words do not assist us in walking the path to peace.

Shelly Simmons

Frustrated with Bush bullying

The Constitution has been desecrated with the president taking it upon himself to opt out of following what has been passed by Congress. They have pushed the envelope so far that Bush is like a king in a monarchy.

Margaret Elterman

Regarding global exchange article

I was disappointed that the photographs for the article on SOU's annual International Show ('Around the world in a week,' May 3) so poorly represented the true diversity the campus has to offer to Ashland. The photograph of the two men "performing a traditional folk dance" sums up the photographers perspective of what global exchange means. These guys are neither students at SOU nor are they globally diverse (are they actually American?).

I mean Ashland is a white enough town as it is, why use photographs of caucasion people (all four photographs of the event were of caucasion people) to represent global diversity? The International Students Association at SOU is represented by 18 different countries. The event included student performers and participants from places such as Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Congo, India, Japan and Mexico.

Again I say, where is the global diversity represented in these lame photographs? Did the photographer even stay for the whole show? If so, maybe he/she would have seen the value in photographing a diverse array of performers and participants to capture the true essence of diversity and global exchange in Ashland, but instead we are left to assume that diversity only means that we all put on a 'traditional' costume and 'act' as if we really know about the world.

Tori Geter

CERT needs your support

We do not appreciate emergency services until disaster strikes. Then, suddenly, their cost seems trivial. Ashland's Community Emergency Response Team trains volunteer backup for fire, police, and paramedics should a major disaster overwhelm them, but also provides services such as cold weather shelters for the homeless and filling sandbags when floods threaten. Its existence is threatened by budget cuts that you can prevent by speaking at city budget meetings at 6 p.m. on May 14 and 15 or contacting city councilors. You can learn about CERT by calling 482-2770.

Dave Churchman

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