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Mayor can't afford to live in his own town

I think we need to keep in mind that the corporate-owned (and probably Republican-owned) Daily Tidings seems to criticize the more progressive Ashland politicians far more than the more conservative ones. I suspect that it's no coincidence that the Tidings is playing this story big ("Mayor says he stays in Talent," May 1) just before the commissioner election in which John is running as a Democrat.

Newspapers are not immune from political influence.

I see another way to look at this story. John Morrison's heart has been with Ashland for years, as he's served our community without pay. Though he's had to temporarily stay outside of Ashland until he finds an affordable residence, his heart is still with Ashland.

To me, that's what really counts.

Think of all the politician wrongdoings that aren't covered by corporate media like the Tidings. A mayor who loves his town but who simply can't afford to live in it at present should inspire us not to castigate him, but to dwell on the issue of affordable housing. When a mayor can't afford housing in his own town, what does that say about the town?

Ambuja Rosen

Addressing Ashland's unaffordability

What we should learn from the issue regarding John Morrison's residence is this:

1. Something must be done to make Ashland more affordable for those people on fixed incomes who can't afford to live here presently.

2. The mayor and city councilors work very hard on our behalf &

for basically nothing.

It's time that city councilors were paid for the tireless hours of service that they currently donate. Besides, making Ashland more affordable would also relieve them of the necessity of working a full-time job while they work as councilors. It would also open up city council positions to a much broader range of citizens.

Instead of sensationalizing this issue regarding the mayor, let's talk about the real issues that face this town.

Tom Dimitre

Mayor's real residence reveals lack of integrity

On April 30 the Tidings reported that Mayor Morrison does not actually reside in Ashland. ("Mayor Morrison's place of residence unclear").&

I have heard for months that he lives in Talent. Why are we surprised that he has been less than truthful? After all, isn't he the politician who was caught using approximately $2,000 or so worth of materials which belonged to a public agency for his personal use to print campaign items when he ran for mayor. Only after it was reported, did he reimburse the taxpayers.&

Two years ago, while doing some research at the historical office in Medford, I came across an old article stating that Mr. Billings had to leave his position on the Ashland City Council because he had moved to a home just outside of the Ashland City limits. Doesn't this set a precedent for Ashland's current mayor?

Also, it seems appropriate that the Ashland taxpayers should be reimbursed for the money ($37,000?) that was taken for the personal use of our elected officials under the guidance of the mayor who is not a resident of Ashland.&

Leslie Lovett

Water decision may have repercussions

Surely, the four city council members who voted to remove our city from Medford water will wish to reconsider their decision when the citizens of Ashland &

shriveled from picknicking on their dead lawns and smelling of dogs from the ditch-water in their baths &

begin to chain the doors on each and every one of the hotels, B and B's, guest houses and SOU dorms.

Who can blame our mayor for wanting to live in Talent?

We need water conservation and the Medford inter-tie. Recall anyone?

George Dalmon

Thanks to Ralph for revealing true Art

Thank you Ralph Temple for finally telling the truth regarding the motivations of Art Bullock. Seeing this in print hopefully will let the community understand that Art really cares about this community and does not wage war with frivolous law suites. Thanks to the Tidings for printing an article taking one of your own to the task.

Paul Moss

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