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Message to the Speaker of the House

Open letter to Nancy Pelsoi regarding funding the Iraq war:

As a woman and a mother (you are one?) and as a leading Democrat, I would like to see you honor mothers and families everywhere and stop funding this war that the American people do not support and is economically destroying our country!

The U.S. has never had a devastating war on this land from an invading country &

it we had, we would not be doing what we are doing to other countries. We are like the bully on the block. (Even our national anthem is a war song).

People everywhere are inherently peaceful &

them and us &

it's time to bring our troops home and turn the United States around to being a peaceful country that truly represents the concept of equality for all.

With the U.S. in the economic crisis it is in &

thanks to the current administration &

there is no way in hell that the House should be allocating billions more to support more killing and dying. (And to support those who profit from the war).

What is wrong with just saying no and leading the democrats to stand up to Bush? I urge you to just say no!

Unemployment benefits and a new G.I. bill do not make up an excuse for funding the war again! And again and again.

What an amazing and courageous thing it would be if you just stood up in the House tomorrow and said, "You know &

I have reconsidered this entire war, and I'm just saying no!"

Be the best you can be &

be courageous &

and stand for the mothers of this world who birthed the sons and daughters of our military and the mothers who birthed the innocent civilians of Iraq.

AnnRaNae Meders

Thanks to Medford Council


Thank you to the City of Medford for voting unanimously to support Hearts With A Mission's endeavor to open a homeless shelter for kids ages 10-17. We were concerned that this might not happen and its president, Kevin Lamson, had asked us to write a letter of support to be read by Medford's City Council. Our letter was considered in its positive decision.

We are now excited, energized and stand ready to assist Hearts With A Mission&

in creating a safe, nurturing and loving temporary 'home' for the kids of Jackson County who are alone and homeless. We are hoping that everyone who cares about kids will rally around this new organization&

with their support.&

Marshall Fundraising Management will soon be announcing opportunities for a wide array of&


to become involved with Hearts With A Mission, from assisting with the refurbishing of the home (across&

from Kids Unlimited) to fundraising activities geared around individuals, groups, and businesses.

Larry Joy Marshall

Marshall fundraising management,

In response to debate over Israel


I was dismayed but not surprised to read Dr Robbins' letter in which he trots out all the tired old canards about Israel's occupation of the disputed West Bank Territories. Has he forgotten that they were gained in a defensive war from Jordan after that country invaded Israel in 1967? Has he forgotten that Yassir Arafat flat out refused agreements in 2000 at Camp David and Taba which would have given the Palestinians 96 percent of the disputed area?&


Does he recall the unilateral Israeli withdrawal, including settlements, from Gaza in 2005 in the vain hope that a self-governing Arab state would develope along the lines of, say, a Mediterranean Singapore?&

We all know how that worked out: rocket and mortar barrages on neighboring Israeli towns.&


Can we expect Israel to withdraw once again from the West Bank in the absence of a non-corrupt, responsible Arab government so that terrorists will have even better launching platforms, this time a mere ten miles or less from Israel' major population centers?&

It would be national suicide.

And what about the Israeli withdrawals from West Bank cities after the empty bargain of Oslo? Only after 15 months of suicide bombings culminating with the Passover seder bombing at the Park Hotel &

in which 30 people were ripped apart &

did the Israeli Army reoccupy the bombers' source, the major west bank towns.&


Is Dr Robbins unaware of the Israeli diplomatic attempts to return the West Bank &

minus the Jerusalem exurbs &

to Jordanian rule, an ideal solution from the Israeli point of view but an acquisition the Jordanians, fearful of adding even more Palestinians to their large Palestinian population, have repeatedly rejected?.

And does Dr Robbins feel that identifying himself as a Jew, which he does in each of his letters, lends legitimacy to views, which are abhorrent to the other 98 percent of his co-religionists and many other fair minded folks?

Mike Bloom

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