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American neocons and the fate of Israel

The recent several-day celebration of Israel's 60th anniversary, hosted by Havurah Shir Hadash and Temple Emek Shalom was a wonderful event. The highlight was the highly informational talk by the Israeli envoy Ismail Khaldi, a Bedouin Muslim, on pluralism in Israel.

After Khaldi left, there was a question and answer period. I wanted to probe the dangers posed by our current neocon administration to the state of Israel, in light of the hawkish bloc which has occasionally dominated its foreign policy. The moderator was taken totally aback and stonewalled me.

In the four-Rabbi roundtable the following evening, I was able to finally get my question addressed by David Zaslow. It was a polite, but insubstantial reply, skipping real particulars.

Allow me to make this clear. There is not room here to adequately explain the genesis and nature of the neocon movement which has currently swamped all of our executive, most of the legislature, much of the judiciary, as well as the military, multinational corporations, and the mainstream media. There are excellent sources on this (none in the mainstream media of course), many in the declarations of several neocon conferences themselves, most notably the Program for a New American Century (PNAC), which boldly declares their agenda for world domination and spreading an American military presence around the globe. All of which is well under way.

Now that the U.S. has shifted principally to an air war, the annihilation of the Iraqi people can proceed more efficiently. There is not yet enough "shock and awe" in 1.3 million Iraqis killed, 5 million displaced (half beyond Iraq's borders), and countless maimed for life by cluster bombs, phosphorous, napalm, and radiation. All of which are internationally banned.

This nation has not faced an internal crisis like this since the 1787 Constitution Convention; when we very nearly did not become a nation at all. The world has not faced such danger &

such craven greed and moral imbecility &

since Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

The U.S. has made sure that Iran got blueprints to help them construct a nuclear bomb. (See, e.g., James Risen, "State of War," 2006). The neocons know that the only way they can secure all their present gains is to guarantee that this war continues beyond our next election. Israel would undoubtedly be the first nuclear casualty. Think about this.

Aaron Corbet

In contrast: China's quake and U.S.'s Katrina

Two recent natural disasters have brought into question major contrasts between two countries, the United States and China.

The Chengdu province of China is gripped by the aftermath of a devastating earth quake. It is heart-wrenching to learn of the lives that have been lost and the countless mothers who have lost their children underneath the rubble of fallen buildings.

What I find interesting is the official response to the catastrophe. The Chinese prime minister, only a few hours after the initial quake, makes his way to the epicenter. Government soldiers and aid workers arrive in droves carrying shovels and rice. Reporters from all over the world report the news as it happens and freely discuss the tragedy with the Chinese survivors.

In contrast, news from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina tells an entirely different story. The U.S. Government response was slow &

some say too little too late. President Bush, in his classic 9/11 fashion, was nowhere to be seen or heard. And to my astonishment, armed American soldiers and Blackwater contractors paraded the streets of New Orleans with guns at the ready.

Yes, there were many heroic rescues as witnessed on TV, as Coast Guard helicopters lifted the submerged from their rooftops during the Katrina fiasco.

We Americans pride ourselves on our independence, our free market, our ability to get things done and our compassion. Unlike the present news from China, however, the U.S. response during Katrina was lacking in leadership and in fortitude &

and it strengthens my cynical view of my government and its true purpose.

It begs the question, when Mount Shasta finally erupts and we clamor for our box in the attic entitled "Homeland Security," will we be looking down the barrel of a gun?

Murray Huggins


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