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OSF's 'Dream' is delightful

My first viewing on stage of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" occurred at Stratford-on-Avon in the Shakespearean Theater. Since then, I have seen six different "Dreams," all measured against the Stratford, all varying greatly, all wonderful. For all those who have been discouraged by negative opinion concerning OSF's presentation of this play, here is a voice from the other side: See it! Hear it! Love it!

Take it from an elderly grandmother (former English teacher), who has always favored conventionally-staged Shakespeare. This production will knock your traditional socks off. Words like "stunning, gorgeous and hysterically funny" come to mind. OSF's production is fresh and wildly imaginative; the brilliant acting, choreography, set, costumes and music truly boggle the mind.

As for being inappropriate for children, I would love to take my grandchildren if they lived nearby. There is nothing of the smarmy, sleazy, distasteful insinuation so typical of everyday TV and American movies. I was struck by the innocence and delicacy in the male-female relationships. Above all, they were ridiculous in their horseplay-type fun. As for the fairies in the tutus pushing silliness to new limits, cross-dressing is an authentic Shakespearean device.

In 1936 my mother did not allow me to go to Chicago from our suburb with my sixth-grade class to see M.N.D. (She thought it was too sexy, though she would have not have used the word). To this day, I know I missed a highly educational and memorable event.

Please don't pass up this utterly delightful experience. These days we all need laughter.

Virginia Govedare

Ashland Fire and Rescue kudos

Members of the Ashland Fire and Rescue Department are to be commended for their valuable assistance to its citizens. I live in a high fire hazard area. Mr. Shawn Branough cheerfully visited my home to explain the installed fire sprinkler system. It was a mini-seminar of such systems. On another occasion the paramedics promptly responded to a call to take me to the community hospital.

Thank you, guys.

William Wahl

In support of the Ashland Gun Club

I have been a member of the Ashland Gun Club for over 25 years and lived in the city until recently. I now live in Medford because I was effectively priced out of any decent housing in Ashland by some of the very people who are now complaining the most about the gun club.

The gun club has been in existence for upwards of 40 years. Recently some wealthy people from out of state have built very expensive mansions in the vicinity of the gun club and are now complaining about its operations. This is similar to people who build their homes near existing airports then complain about the noise from the airplanes.

The people who are raising environmental concerns over the operation of the gun club are, in my opinion, raising a false issue. They just want the gun club gone and will use any means at their disposal regardless of how specious it is.

In my opinion, the gun club is a valuable asset for the city of Ashland. It has many members from all walks of life and offers a safe, healthy and enjoyable outlet for those of us who enjoy shooting in such an environment.

I urge the city council to approve the extension of the lease to the Ashland Gun Club so that the club can acquire the needed grants to upgrade and improve the facilities.

Glenn A. McKinney


Comparison of gun club to rowing club

I am incredulous to learn of the sweet deal the gun club has with the City of Ashland!

As a contrast, consider the Ashland Rowing Club which requires access to the lake &

managed by the county, not the city &

and is completely forbidden from even posting a sign asking people to be considerate of the dock we have installed for general public use. The boat racks and parking lot are a gift from the club to the county, not from the county to the club.

For our boat storage, we have acquired a piece of private land and pay to lease it, installing the boat barn we need, making improvements at our expense. The county takes its role as guardian of the public land very seriously. It is not our club's right to occupy public land for our own private use.

Regarding the gun club, there is the lead issue &

at best an unknown.

Now, it strikes me as the perfect time to request some sort of task force to take a year (the time remaining on the current lease) to evaluate the suitability of the current arrangement. A rubber-stamp renewal is not a responsible civic move.

Deborah Gordon

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