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Nine-year-old loves Chocolate Factory bear

Ever since I was two years old I've had the most fond memories of going to the Chocolate Factory in Ashland. And when I came back to the factory I was looking for the great big bear and when I saw it locked up in the window I was heartbroken by the fact that it was gone. And I believe that more than enough people agree with having a bear to love is nice. And I wish he was back!

Jacelyn Lee Jarrell, 9

Stop the crusade on street characters

This business of harassing our merchants, forcing them to remove beloved, long-familiar Ashland sidewalk characters and humanizing-features &

such as sidewalk tables and stuffed animals, etc. &

has gone far enough. What is the problem that our city administration is trying to remedy? Nit-picking our merchants about parking is equally foolish.

Don't our city officials realize that these folks are on our side! They're not the enemy! Call off the dogs in a public way! We want our stuffed bears, sidewalk tables, wagon-loads of books, lions, etc., back &


Would someone please send me or publish a list of city councilors who refuse to stop this crazy anti-business, anti-Ashland crusade? I want to know who to vote out of office at the next opportunity.

Bruce Barnes

Taking Ashland's city leaders to task

As a fairly new two-year resident and recent homebuyer in Ashland I have been amused and appalled by the actions of our city government. After reading Lance Pugh's article "Pillory on the Plaza" (Tidings, July 24), I felt it was necessary to comment.

With all the real problems that face this city such as tax revenue, affordable housing, traffic control etc, the actions of our city government is laughable. Do these individuals forget whom they represent and who foots the bill for their inept management of this city?

This current debate about bears or other statues or advertising on the Plaza is to me &

and I am sure to many residents and visitors &

just plain silly and a total waste of our tax dollars.

Furthermore, the reference in the article to our city attorney caught my eye. His comment that Don Laws was not his client, and therefore is not entitled to the information he was seeking, is typical of one who forgets who pays his salary.

I would suggest that this election year all the citizens of our great city take a long hard look at who is running for office and start a new slate and send this $37,000 bunch of misfits packing. If we can get a slate of responsible elected official's maybe we can send some of these hired public servants packing also and return fiscal responsibility and common sense to our fantastic city.

Colin Carnegie

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