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All in the same boat together

We are all in it together.

Won't that be a great day when people awaken to that simple truth? The world has become one large community like it or not. The pollution in our city affects the next and it will go through the earth, air and water out into the sky and the oceans.

Trade, finance, transportation, drugs and crime span the globe. Our new larger world community can't afford selfishness, separatism, greed, lies and, most of all, totalitarianism.

The old ways of thinking have become dangerous. The "I" word needs to be replaced with "We."

Believe it or not, the seeds of this change from "I" to "We" started with "We the People" back in 1776 with our revolution. The leaders and elected representatives today who still don't get that, "we are all in it together," are a serious danger to our present and future health, safety and well-being.

What "we" need today are leaders who can create a new democratic good neighbor policy that can bridge from the local neighborhood to the global neighborhood. We need citizens, leaders and elected officials who are awake, visionary and courageous; and understand that "We are all in it together."

David Anderer


Gun club valuable member of our community

I wanted to add my voice to those many residents of Ashland and the local area who know that the Ashland Gun Club is a valuable asset to the community.

As a lifelong shooting sports enthusiast and a true believer in the right (and responsibility) of every individual to defend themselves in life-threatening situations, no matter how infrequently these may be encountered, it would be a shame if the AGC lost its lease on this site. I use the gun club to maintain my confidence, safety and proficiency in handling firearms, as well as a wonderful recreational outlet along with my wife and daughter.

Since Bi-Mart is directly on my path to the AGC, I always stop in there to pick up ammunition and other shooting supplies. They are a beneficiary of the club's location in this regard.

Please encourage the members of the Ashland Gun Club to continue to use this site, to maintain it and improve it for the benefit of the entire community. As a resident of Ashland, I could not be happier to have this great facility here in our city.

Larry Graves

Addressing the environmental concerns of gun club opponents

With reference to the ad in the July 10 Sneak preview, which opposes the gun club renewal on environmental grounds, consider the following:

Our home here in Ashland was originally built in 1860, one year before the Civil War. We have dug up many artifacts in our yard, especially iron nails and spikes. Those found in the ground were almost entirely eaten away by rust. Contrast this with two Civil War-era bullets found in a field in South Carolina that are still in almost pristine condition, with some of the clay still on them. The point being that lead doesn't form an oxide as readily as iron, which is most people's experience with rust.

Mining of lead from the berms of the shooting range could be done, but the club needs a long term lease to qualify for grant funds to do so. On the shotgun ranges, extracting lead would be easier as there would be almost no ground penetration &

also note that modern shot shells don't contain lead pellets.

As a gun club member I am in favor of the lease renewal as the range provides a safe place for people who like shooting sports to practice and compete. The site is also utilized by the police and National Guard. Some people don't like guns, and this is OK, but many do.

Please allow those of us (law abiding citizens) who do like to shoot a safe place to do so.

Hal Russell

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