Letters to the editor

Iran's leaders have it all wrong

Iran's gall in testing some military missiles is beyond belief. What is Iran's problem?

After Israel mounted a week-long military exercise that the world knows was a practice bombing raid against Iranian targets; after an American presidential candidate promised to "totally obliterate" Iran if necessary, and another candidate suggested "bomb, bomb, bomb" as a diplomatic approach to Iran; after America has ringed Iran with military bases and has placed an enormously powerful fleet in the Persian Gulf, and, as well, has initiated a $400 million "covert operation" to destabilize the government of Iran, what possible reason could Iran have to develop a missile system, to say nothing abut even considering the development of nuclear weapons &

even though in that region Israel, India, Pakistan and America have such weapons?

So what if Israel and America refuse to use diplomacy to resolve pressing issues. Do the Iranian leaders really believe that American and Israeli leaders would be so stupid and so immoral as to launch an unnecessary, destructive and criminal war against the Iranian people? Those Iranian leaders need to think things through.

Gerald Cavanaugh

Gun Club hunt has a hidden agenda

It is beyond hypocrisy that people who own 11,000-square-foot houses, and in the most egregious case a 27,000-square-foot house, can summon the gall to object to the continued existence of the Ashland Gun Club on an environmental pretext.

For 40 years this organization has provided a welcoming, friendly and safe location to enjoy skeet, trap, archery and target shooting while promoting the precautions and habits necessary to the safe use of firearms. Now we are confronted with a threat to our continued existence by a group who, having bought property adjacent to the club at favorable prices because of its presence, are complaining of environmental threats in a cynical attempt to hide their motive and enhance the value of their holdings.

Like the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, skating rink, and hiking trails, the Gun Club has provided a convivial community venue for those who enjoy the sporting use of firearms, while affording our town stewardship of a previously neglected and abused area, as well as training facilities for local police and National Guard units.

Please do not be deceived by self-serving environmental allegations made by those with ulterior motives dressed up in environmental clothes.

Michael A Bloom

Please bring back the loveable bear

Ever since I was 2 years old, I have the most fond memories of going to the Chocolate Factory in Ashland. And when I came back to the factory and I was looking for the great big bear and when I saw it locked up in the window I was heart-broken by the fact that it was gone. And I believe that more than enough people agree with having a bear to love is nice. And I wish he was back!

Jacelyn Lee Jarrell

9 years old

Council needs to rethink priorities

As a volunteer with a local charitable organization, I find the lack of low-cost housing to be Ashland's greatest problem.

People who work at low-paid service jobs here are forced to commute great distances because they cannot afford to live near their workplace. With outrageously high gas prices, this puts an increasing burden on those least able to bear it.

Yet, I read in today's Tidings that our City Council has turned down the generous offer of a developer to build low-cost housing right downtown. It seems that our city government is more concerned with protecting us from stuffed animals than providing solutions to real problems.

David Hill

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