Letters to the editor

Babe Ruth thanks local contributors

Many thanks to all those who so generously supported our 14-year-olds Babe Ruth All Stars in their Regional playoffs in Twin Falls:

Ashland Hospital (and Carolyn Johnson)

Avalon Bar Grill

B. Ella

Archie Georgi Blake

Karen at Bloomsbury Books

Ernestine and Robert Bruce

Dennis Lynn Connors

Heidi Nestor DiMaya

Ian and Enterprise Rental Cars

Gateway Real Estate

Tim Killeeen

Daniel Devon Maceachron

Tamara Marston

Stephanie McCandless-Reford

Pam Nelson

Dave Sprague/ Patricia Sprague Real Estate

Jay Pressman

Leon Pyle

Michale Mary Rogan

Jeff and Joyce Schlecht

Myra Silverman

Jeff Straub

Talent Avenue Photographic

Tarks Market

Tamara Timothy Mautner/ The Organic Grind

Ashland Texaco 2371 Ashland St

Gretchen Thiel

Jon Lauren Toppo

Amanda Michael Van Vleck

Teresa Ann Voreis


166; and all of the parents and grandparents of our fabulous team.

Again ... BIG THANKS!

Mt. Ashland Babe Ruth All Stars

Some strikes of the funny bone spell disaster

Regarding the cartoon of Obama as a terrorist on the cover of The New Yorker: Gee, it was a sophisticated joke we didn't get! A picture says a million words and all of the explanations of the editor proved the joke was on him and he didn't get it.

Surely, as many New Yorkers got upset about the cover as us Philistines who live outside Manhattan. Then there is the pleasure and reassurance it gave all dangerous screwballs and conservative creationists everywhere, not to mention those who hate us abroad.

Like the Holocaust, there are certain things that will never be funny. Torturing animals is one, abusing children is another. Our government that arrests and tortures with no recourse to law ranks high. Some things reek of such evil you can't make light of them.

The cartoon of Obama as a terrorist may be free speech and the misuse of it. The freedom to do something isn't license to do it. Our corrupt institutions of politics, law, religion, corporations must be made fun of, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed on some things even if it is politically incorrect to draw lines.

A person who might be able to get the world back into balance, and his wife, who also happens to be black and share his Middle Eastern name were pictured as Oval Office Satans. How ever will we form our opinions if our best and brightest writers and publishers reveal they don't have common sense?

Take the Internet story about the East Coast interns torturing a pig while drunk, as an initiation rite. The connection between pig and publisher is the frightening trend in our pursuit of being "way cool" at any cost, without a clue.

We are a culture where our children learn Hollywood violence as "cool" and we imitate our kids wanting to be "with it" too. We are a people who can figure out how to manufacture anything but world peace &

even though Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and Buddha gave us their best shot.

Animals suffering for our food or fun isn't funny. Some jokes can spark the cremation of the world. And humans not being very human is the worst joke. We would rather be "with it," even though "it" doesn't exist.

Maybe it is time to start figuring out for ourselves what is all right and way wrong just for once.

Leah Ireland

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