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Clintons not to blame for Obama outcome

Chris Honor&

233;'s column, "If you're not outraged" (Aug. 18 Case in Point) has certainly fueled my anger, but not about the state of politics as he suggests. I am angered that he places blame for Obama's current poll ratings (dead heat with McCain) on many things other than the public's perception of Obama's qualifications to be president.


233; suggests that Hillary Clinton and her supporters are responsible for his ratings because they haven't fully supported Obama. (As an HRC supporter, I will vote for Obama &

as will every other Clinton supporter I know.)

Bill Clinton is [deemed] responsible because when asked about Obama's readiness to be president, he couldn't wholeheartedly respond "Yes!" (Neither can I; nevertheless, I'll vote for Obama). Is it Hillary and Bill's responsibility to get Obama elected?

Racism is [deemed] responsible because Americans aren't ready to vote for an African-American president. (True for many voters, I'm sure, just like many wouldn't vote for HRC because she is a woman.)


233; ends with the question "How are we to understand the McCain-Obama dead heat?"

I suggest you consider that the voter's perceptions of Obama's qualifications themselves may be the reason for the dead heat. His excellent oratory skills and his idealistic vision of a better world (a vision I wholeheartedly support), which have fueled his meteoric rise to the political stage may not be enough to convince voters that he is the most qualified candidate for the job. THAT is not Hillary's, Bill's nor my fault.

Gretchen Thiel

Iron Chef's wife rankled after contest

It's a shame that when my husband (Neil Clooney) won Iron Chef Oregon on Saturday, Aug. 9, not one reporter from any of the local newspapers were there to interview or congratulate him on his win. The prize was a very nice $250 dollar blade that he is very happy with (thank you to the organizers). My point is that The Bite of Oregon raises money for a very worthy cause (The Special Olympics) and we were very happy to be involved but ... Neil had to go search for his prize when he had won, as there was no presentation or anyone asking him about his winning dish!

Lots of pictures were taken and video footage. That guy [photographer] gave him [Neil] his card. When Neil won, somebody in the audience heckled, "Go back to England" &

rather sad really, as it's all in good fun and for a good cause. Also, even though I might say so myself, "He can cook."

Great times were had by all, and the Ashland Chamber of Commerce was rooting for him all the way. Thanks you guys for putting him up for it.

Dee Clooney

Bullock blasted for ballot-less boast on water

Art Bullock is at it again. In his self-titled, "Of the People," where he claims to be the "Voice of the Majority" he tells us all about how he is protecting our water. He claims to have a charter amendment "nearing ballot."

The current charter states very clearly in Charter Article XVI, Section 1:

"The City of Ashland shall have the power to provide the residents with such services as water ... as the people desire by majority vote ... provided, however, that any and all water and water works and water rights now owned or which may hereafter be acquired ... for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants thereof with water shall be never rented, sold or otherwise disposed of; nor shall the City ever grant any franchise to any person or corporation for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of said city with water."

So, what is Mr. Bullock protecting us from? Under the current charter it could be said that selling water to the CO-OP for their dispensing machine is illegal, as is selling water to restaurants! Is this "ballot" measure just another made up "issue" to use against those that Mr. Bullock and his group oppose in the upcoming election?

Bill Heimann

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