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Wanting wake-less water Wednesdays

Emigrant Lake. 806 acres of lake for all of us to enjoy. A man-made lake created for our enjoyment, recreation and repose. And so close to Ashland and the Rogue Valley!

We all now know that the Mighty, the Swift and the Loud shall have dominion over all that swim-eth, canoe-eth, sail-eth, and kayak-eth in its waters and pik-nik-eth at its shores. For it is right and just that the greater the horsepower, the greater one's entitlement to this lake.

If you've ever had a Sunday outing at the lake, you know that if you're talking to someone you can't even hear what they're saying for the whining of a jet-skier manically spinning in circles like an angry hornet for your viewing pleasure.

Sailboats, crew and canoes alike, bob helplessly in the wakes made by ski boats and jet-skiers. It's actually just a sliver of a lake. A narrow horse-shoe-shaped lake in comparison to Lake of the Woods or Lost Creek &

far too small to bear the kind of recreational boating and jet-skiing traffic that it does.

Twelve years ago, I petitioned for one wake-less day a week on the lake for those of us that enjoy the less frenetic pursuits on the lake. While KOBI's camera silently whirred, the at-that-time head of the Parks and Recreation Department very flatly told me that a one-day-a-week motorless day would cut too dearly into the revenues for the Parks and Rec system.

Again, if you've been there, you've probably noticed that most jet-skiers, anyway, do not load onto the lake from 'inside' the park. They do it from any number of access roads along Hwy 66.

Are you tired of not being able to avail yourself of a serene day at Emigrant Lake?

Tired of not being able to swim, sail or canoe?

Then please join me in petitioning for one day a week. A wake-less lake on Wednesdays. It could cost the county as little as posting 3-4 signs saying "Please respect Wake-less Wednesdays and not exceed 5 mph."

E-mail me if you think this is a reasonable request to return the tranquility of the lake to us for only ONE DAY a week (mmish@michaelmishmusic.com).


Michael Mish

'Earth friend Gen' shares naked truth

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your loving support! I'm the naked lady, Gennifer Moss (with a G), aka Earth Friend Gen and there's a new generation emerging ... the Biogeneration!

The generation of humans who value LIFE as their greatest possession. The biogeneration sees God in all things and lives by: Intent, Word, Action, Love and Light. We know that Truth + Love + Light = GOD = LIFE.

We are God comprehending itself and our Cosmic Christ Transformation is occurring now. God is beyond any book, religion, or institution. God is LOVE. In a war-torn world controlled by the Pentagram of Poison Power: The Pentagon, petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and pesticides; the powers-that-be have stuck their dirty little hand in every sector of this unsustainable society. They use their unholy cross of control to fearfully manipulate the masses: television, mass media, church and school. (There are alternative churches and schools, but anyone who teaches that Christopher Columbus discovered America or does not make purifying ourselves and the planet top priority IS THE PROBLEM.)

My critics ask, "What will the children think?

What do the children think about the adults adulterating Mother Earth and caring more about status quo than saving their source of life? In the last 100 years, the adults of this planet have poisoned the air, water and soil &

the basic preconditions of life. It's disgraceful that the clothing industry uses 10 BILLION POUNDS OF POISON PER YEAR &

pesticides, chemicals and dyes.

What's even more disgraceful is that society glorifies violence and war and condemns the naked human body. Maybe it's because modern civilization is the most uncivilized thing on planet Earth.

Concerned parents, do you know the public school system feeds our children pesticide-laced, plasticated, funny-farm foods? What do you feed your children? Love? Or Lies? The system fills our little ones with all kinds of "vaccines" and treats them like guinea pigs in a genetic engineering experiment.

It's up to us to take responsibility for our choices, remove the distractions and be the sustainable solution NOW. Everyone knows the "Inconvenient Truth," but it's still business as usual in Babylon.

I was born naked and free! May you all have the compassion and courage to join me!

Oh, and everyone that is able NEEDS to get a bicycle (regular or electric) and a B.O.B. trailer to run errands around town. Simple, practical solutions are the answer to a sustainable future ... and a firm fanny!

Gennifer Moss (Earth Friend Gen)

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