Letters to the editor

Upset over Orf coverage

I was distressed reading your front page article entitled, "Orf's case could be a conflict" (Aug. 26 Tidings). When I imagine the anguish the Orfs might be experiencing during this terrible moment in their family's life, I cringe at the thought that the local news media is squeezing out of their pain a story that doesn't in any way inform or benefit readers.

This is not news. How about splashing the front page with a report on the open-hearted welcome our library has extended to Pacific Crest Trail backpackers? That's an uplifting piece of news about generous hospitality that fosters appreciation for a community of compassion.

Selene Aitken


Support Bullock and Barack

I am once again proud to be an Ashlander when I look at the line-up of candidates running for Mayor. Seven talented, intelligent Ashlanders — any one of which any town in America would be lucky to have.

Art Bullock, however, among all of these fine candidates, is the one and only candidate who will be capable of matching Ashland with its unbelievable potential — much as Barack Obama was and is the only candidate running who stands ready to match America to its unbelievable potential.

Both served for years as rabble-rousers and healing thorns in their own intrinsically similar ways. Fighting for the common man; the great un-represented mass of man. Fighting for our water and our schools, our libraries and common spaces, our neighborhoods and our precious human and civil rights.

Art has stood up to the system when it was wrong and said "No!" over and over again. On his own time. With his own money.

Truly, Art Bullock has the guts, the brains and the willpower to help lift Ashland into the new American Dream. Please join me in voting for Art Bullock for Ashland's Mayor — and Barack Obama for America's President!

Randy Dolinger


Bullock clarifies complexities in City charter

When I first read the clause of the City charter cited by Bill Heimann (Tidings letters, Aug. 21), I, too, thought it protected us adequately from corporations who might want to bottle our water for export, as is happening all over the world. I, too, wondered if local businesses that produce tea or tofu for resale are in violation of the charter.

With help from Art and several attorneys, I learned to understand our charter better. It turns out that unless something is specifically disallowed in the charter, the Council is allowed to do it. The charter does not prohibit excessive use of water.

In fact, in another section that deals with water (Heimann mentions only one), Council is given authority to prohibit excessive use, which implies (to some attorneys more knowledgeable than Heimann or Bullock or me in these matters) that excessive use is therefore permitted. But, what is excessive use? It is nowhere defined. Shouldn't it be?

I invite you to parse the sentence cited by Heimann and give examples in plain words of permitted and un-permitted franchise activities. It says that no franchise can provide water to the inhabitants. It does not say that no franchise can provide water for export. Remember, if it is not prohibited, it is allowed.

I realize this is complicated. It took me a long time to fully appreciate the nuances of what Art was telling us. Now that I do, I'm supporting his petition. It clarifies ambiguities and holes in the current charter with the precision and thoroughness that attorneys who specialize in water can appreciate.

Paul Moss


Good use for plastic bags

In response to the column by Ashley Olive in the Aug. 30 Tidings regarding plastic bags, I just wanted to comment that my Trex deck is composed of 50 percent plastic (mostly plastic bags, according to the representative I spoke with at the company in New Jersey). So at least they are being put to some use.

Sharon Spalding


Kudos to Kiwanis and Ashland Lumber

The newest Ashland Kiwanis project is building wheelchair ramps for people who may not otherwise be able to do so themselves or cannot afford to have someone else build one.

Our second wheelchair ramp, built in Ashland, was just completed in August by Derek Sherrell and Josh Brown.

All labor was provided free of charge. The materials required to build this particular ramp were purchased by the family. However, the Ashland Lumber company provided the materials at a steep discount to the family. A big THANK YOU goes to Bob, Jr. at Ashland Lumber for his support in providing help in this project.

Thanks Ashland Lumber!

Ron Parker

Kiwanis Club


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