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Kramer for mayor: a dedicated public servant to Ashland

George Kramer's 20 years of dedicated service to Ashland — and the state of Oregon — has earned him my vote for mayor. His extensive experience with local, state and federal government agencies and processes, his ability to listen to multiple constituencies and to navigate contentious issues to resolution, and his ability to balance his passion for historic preservation with the realities of growth and change are the traits that our mayor will need in the years ahead.

George appreciates our talented and precious city staff and understands the role that mayor/council are intended to fill in our city government. He is an independent thinker willing to consider all sides of an issue, though he is not reluctant to share his own opinion and his reasoning for supporting it. George's passion for Ashland's unique culture and history is unsurpassed and we can count on him to thoughtfully guide intelligent growth in the years ahead.

Please join me in voting for George Kramer for mayor.

Tom Bradley


Charter for judge

I have been a home owner/Asland resident for over 16 years and have known Joe [Charter] personally for half of that time. We have been in the same men's group for many years, worked together with boys in the Boys to Men youth mentoring program and I have been aligned with him in both of his previous campigns.

I can't recommend Joe enough for the judgeship he aspires to. He balances fairness with firmness, spirit with the letter and an unbreakable integrity. As a father of two girls he has a deep understanding of kids' needs, and as a lawyer his experience is vast.

He is very community oriented and with him on the bench I see a better community for all of us.

Grant Williams


Stromberg: head and shoulders above the crowd

In the current political climate statewide there is a dearth of candidates to fill vacancies. We are lucky in Ashland in that we have seven mayoral candidates. But if you do your research you'll quickly find that only one candidate has done his homework. And the outline of his candidacy is based on his 27 years of working in the private sector as an organization and management consultant.

His platform is based on four important areas:

  • Protect OSF and its economy against hard times by bringing the business community and city resources together as a team.
  • Make Ashland a destination for sustainability. Make water supply a higher priority in capital spending; promote localization of agriculture markets (following the example of Eugene's growers market); develop a sustainable land use plan; engage Jackson County and cities for sustainable forestry; establish light rail with Central Point, Medford and Talent to lobby ODOT for a link to the Medford airport. Show sustainability by doing and publicizing.
  • Control City spending so we can all live here. His task force two years ago convinced the Budget Committee of doing things differently. As mayor he can continue the job.
  • Focus the Council on policy and the staff on implementation. The mayor should be the person who leads the council and staff, not vice versa.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, that person is John Stromberg.

A proven track record and great credentials.

James F. Moore Jr.


Let the nation's failed economic structure fail

I'm not educated in economics, but I am observant about the world around me. My observations about the last eight years of Bush/Cheney have included — rather with precise orchestration — an emergency status, instilling of fear, then immediate resolution by [implementing] a first time preemptive war, setting our country apart from most of our allies, sending our young men to fight without the proper gear and trashing them when they come home.

When the shock and fright wears off, we find that a little more of our rights have been removed (for our own protection, of course), or we now have the right to "torture" our enemies (who seem to keep growing with each emergency).

The law no longer applies to certain members of the administration. There are no more paper trails to look at for history and the country is in more debt than it ever has been!

Now we are ready to give them the power to respond to another great emergency by giving more power to one man in the Treasury Department who will not be accountable to anyone! Why would we want to be indebted to a PRIVATE bank [Federal Reserve] for such huge amounts of money ... that some people believe is federal (government) just because it is referred to as the Fed?

The same bank that had several auctions of huge blocks of money for the very institutions that are now in trouble. To quote a real congressman: "Wake Up America" ... before it's too late! Deal with the consequences ... let the structure fail that never really served us in the first place. Start standing up for the citizen ... not the corporation and Wall Street. Wake up America!

Nancy Rose


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