Letters to the editor

Political suicide

John McCain shot himself in the foot when he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Sharon Spalding


Barack Obama is best for America's future

The portrait of a "political realist" — assessing Barack Obama was on target. All of Obama's statements reflect a brilliant mind and sensitive heart, and his personal record in Illinois and D.C. is filled with straight talk with persuasive impact.

He alone shows a total commitment to the citizen and the common good.

He is not a typical congressman doing the bidding of large wallets and corporate greed — and that is why the common man, the average voter and the canny mind understand that Obama's ability to see the political future of the nation gives him the edge, the potential for a better future — and some probability that he will bring the changes we need.

He is not a corporate tool. He is the citizens hope — and he reflects the dissatisfaction with the current administration of our nation.

A. C. Germann


Stop the corporate bailout

No bailout. No way. No how. To reward Wall Street tycoons for blantantly having their way with deregulation is just wrong. Let the market seek its own level. If some of those guys go broke, so what? Enough is enough.

This is one last ploy by big business to snatch every dime they can from the U.S. Treasury before the current adminsitration sinks back down into their own private hell. Doesn't anyone get it? The people don't want this.

Catolann Hennen


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