Letters to the Editor

Raises for city workers? It doesn't make sense

Martha Bennett, what planet do you live on? Unemployment is more than 11 percent here, and you are proposing pay increases for Ashland city employees.

You say you're doing this to keep employees? How incredibly out of touch. If I were paying $68 a month for full-family health coverage you couldn't get me out of that job. While everyone else is stretched to the breaking point, you decide now is the time to increase expenses. What managerial skills. In the private sector, you'd be clearing out your desk.

I call on Mayor John Stromberg to stand up now and show the executive leadership we need. Mr. Mayor, squash this idea before it gets any further. And maybe it's time for us all to reconsider Martha Bennett's value to the taxpayers of Ashland.

Bruce Dicoskey


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