Letters to the Editor

Walden has it wrong on health care plan

So Rep. Greg Walden doesn't like the health care bill just passed by the House because it's "too expensive." Hmmm. He didn't think that George Bush's two wars and his tax cuts for the wealthy, all unfunded, were too expensive. That seems a bit hypocritical to me. The congressional Republicans are whining that they weren't allowed to participate in the legislative process, but President Obama bent over backwards to include them. The vast majority of Americans do want health care reform. Our Democratic representatives were doing our business as requested.

We are tired of having for-profit insurance companies standing between us and our doctors. The government has not taken over our health care. We are not losing any of our freedoms, as some radio personalities would have us believe. And we are not facing any kind of a communo-socialistic-fascist-nazi Armageddon. We are doing our best to take good care of each other and keep ourselves and our neighbors healthy and well. Sorry, Rep. Walden, I'm not buying your story, and I'm sure not voting for you in November.

Nancy Shulenberger


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