Letters to the Editor

Thanks to everyone who supported vigil

We would like to take a moment and thank each and every community member for their kind support and participation in our first Wings of Justice Community Vigil — a candle-light gathering, remembering and supporting those who are missing, murdered, sexually abused and assaulted. It is heart-warming and empowering when a community unites against these vicious crimes. Many turned out, some traveled far and wide, and we are thankful for their effort, voice and participation.

As violent crime is on the increase in the Rogue Valley, it is through awareness and community involvement we can firmly claim: "Enough is enough; these crimes can be solved, stopped and ended." It is in these powerful special events that we can reach out to children, neighbors, friends and community members to unite for what is right and good. We take back the night, we take back our streets, we stand tall and direct in our seeking of justice.

No child should be marred by sexual abuse. No man or woman harmed by assault. No one should disappear into unknown oblivion. And no one ever, ever, has the right to take another man's life. Justice must prevail against those who commit these terrible, horrible crimes.

We thank all who stand and unite for the laws of our land and support true law enforcement. We stand proud and walk on the right side of the law. We graciously thank those who took a moment, at the Justice Vigil, or at home, and remembered those who have suffered at the hands of another. We respect and treat others as we would hope to be treated. We seek justice, because they cannot.

Linda Lewis


Ski area's service has been superb this year

The management and staff at Mt. Ashland this year have done a really heads-up job of demonstrating their commitment to the skiers and riders who frequent the mountain.

The lift ops and other service folks have been cheerful and friendly. The team has done a great job in making sure the mountain opens quickly after the big storms, and the groomers made the most of the snow mother nature provided. And to top it off, the fantastic five-day $199 season pass sale shows that management has really been listening.

Thanks, Mt. Ashland, for your extraordinary efforts this year.

Paula Musich


Only one person to blame for her tickets

Unbelievable! Laurel May (Daily Tidings, March 23) complains that she gets three parking tickets in Ashland and proclaims that she won't shop in Ashland anymore and that the city should "lighten up."

I have a better suggestion: that she learn how to drive and how to obey the law. Her tickets are nobody's fault except hers — not the cops, not the merchants. Hers.

How about accepting responsibility for your own actions, Ms. May? Or is the idea of personal responsibility too much to ask?

Robert Stermer-Cox

AHS Class of '62

SOU Class of '81

Ocean Shores, Wash.

Shopping downtown might cost you extra

Kipling lamented words "twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools" so I take exception to having my written words misquoted. In my letter of March 19, regarding proposed booting/towing of automobiles, I never stated those who had large parking ticket debts should not be pressed to pay them. My concern was the majority punished for actions of the few.

The point of my letter, so aptly illustrated by Laurel May in her letter of March 23, is that it's bad for Ashland businesses when shoppers are fined "$30 a pop for the slightest infraction [and] short-sighted."

Downtown Medford has not fared well in its competition with malls — one look at the recent front page of the Tidings showing the lonely streets should give our city administrators pause.

Further, it's a long stretch from an attitude toward offenders that is vicious to, "Where is the love?" However, a few drops of human kindness might help bridge the gap.

Ashland has its tourists, but I doubt all businesses prosper here without support from the locals (how I miss the Ashland Bistro Café!).

Ample free or inexpensive parking close by seems to be the key to the success of a business. The vacant lot across from the Post Office would do. Affordable? How do other entities manage to provide customer parking?

Meantime, we might paraphrase the late Hank Williams: If you"¦have no place to go, call a friend"¦and go shopping in Ashland, please"¦but bring along some extra dough — to pay for the high parking fees!

Jeanne Marie Peters


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