Letters to the Editor

Hoping theater able to continue business

It is with regret and sadness to learn of the imminent loss of one of this area's outstanding assets. The Oregon Stage Works announced on Thursday that it can no longer remain open. The lease on the A Street theater is up and, combined with the present downturn in the economy and high overhead at that location, Peter Alzado, the theater's founder and artistic director, announced that it can no longer continue.

Fortunately, the Ashland Children's Theater unit of OSW will continue to operate. But the loss of the OSW parent will be a blow to theatergoers who came to expect OSW's experimental, as well as outstanding, non-mainstream productions. There is an outside chance that a hoped-for, large donation might materialize. I join the many others who are pulling for that.

Jim Sears


Thank you to Tom Beam

The Ashland Peace Wall Committee thanks Tom Beam for his generous sponsorship of the "Souper Bowl" fundraisers to help complete the mosaic wall in front of the Ashland Public Library. We are half way there, but owe $14,000 to our vendors, all of whom we appreciate.

Beam has graciously given us soup, utensils, bowls and napkins on First Friday Art Walk evenings from November through March, but most of all he has given his personal time and that of his staff. Beam's value of giving back to his community is exemplary and anyone who comes in contact with this restaurateur is blessed.

Please patronize his wonderful establishments: Pasta Piatti, Sesame and Tabu. Tom will read this message and feel embarrassed because it is not in his nature to seek praise. Tom, we cannot resist saying, "We love you!"

Tia Hatch

On behalf of the Ashland Peace Wall Committee

Ashland businesses deserve many thanks

I would like to thank the many businesses around town that are participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Shamrock program. Also, thank you to all of the people who have bought a Shamrock for MDA.

Together, these businesses in Ashland have already raised thousands of dollars for MDA, and there is still more than a week left of the program. The money raised allows MDA to provide grants for neuromuscular disease research, medical equipment repair funds and clinic appointments for people like myself. I am so proud to be a part of this special community. Keep up the good work!

Dennis Saylor


Jeff Golden running for the right reasons

In announcing his candidacy for County Commissioner, Jeff Golden has clearly stated the four areas he is concentrating on for our county. He speaks not of politics, left vs. right, nor personalities, but of how important it has become for us to become more locally focused on the issues of food, water, transportation and youth. I urge you to listen to this man who is committed to making a difference here at home where our families have a real stake in the future.

Paul Moss


Skundrick the right person for the job

I have known Don Skundrick for more than 30 years and had the privilege of working for him for about 20 before his retirement. Don is a leader who is committed to everything he gets involved with, and Don has a long history of involvement. He has volunteered his time and energy to the community through the Red Cross, SOREDI, SODA, the Medford Chamber, the Medford Water Commission, Providence Hospital and Rotary to name a few. He also played a very large role in the success of our company, Knife River Materials.

Don knows what it takes to reach goals and has proven himself again and again through teamwork, budgeting, negotiating, leading and committing. This is something that our county needs now more that ever in this tough economy. I can guarantee, if Don Skundrick is elected, we will have a commissioner who will be committed to doing what's right for Jackson County. Please join me and vote for the change that our county needs — vote for Don Skundrick.

Mike Milhoan


Revisit ski area's expansion plan

The U.S. Forest Service will do another impact statement on expansion of the Mount Ashland Ski Area. It violated environmental law the last time by failing to avoid landslides that can clog Ashland Creek with sediment.

More, Pacific fisher is a highly endangered animal that hunts prey at the exact site where expansion would clear-cut a magnificent, old-growth forest — despite prior Forest Service denials of fisher presence.

Federal judges found that harm to the watershed and wildlife outweighs ski area finances or terrain diversity for users. The government cannot paper over its failure to protect the environment.

The ski area master plan is 20 years old. Few people thought in 1990 about conserving the McDonald Peak Roadless Area to store carbon, let alone how climate change will affect the ski area. The master plan should be revisited.

Jay Lininger

Center for Biological Diversity

Flagstaff, Ariz.

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