Letters to the Editor

VP's hypocracy was sickening

Listening to the TV news recently, I was astonished to hear Vice President Biden state that one of the great accomplishments of the Obama administration was the Iraq war! I almost gagged.

When President Bush initiated the "surge," both Biden and Obama were vocal critics and voted against it, claiming it would never work. (They are military strategists?!) Senate Majority Leader Reid went so far to say the war was already lost. (We do have selective memories, don't we?). That must have been comforting for the troops to hear. Is this hypocrisy or what?

But to give credit where credit is due: Obama is now following Bush's game plan and has authorized an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.Wouldn't it be the right thing to do to acknowledge "the previous administration's" original strategy for beating the insurgents? Don't, however, hold your breath.

Carl J. Sandberg


Kucinich deserves thanks for resolution

Thank you, Congressman Kucinich, for introducing the resolution that requires the House to debate continuing war in Afghanistan. Surely such a debate will make evident the real intention of this nation. Putting politics aside and looking at the reality of what we are and have been doing will begin a healing process that is long overdue.

Mouna Wilson


Changes needed for democracy to work

We need a public option. Can't we have a public vote and have this become a choice that the people make? We also need to have all elections only take money from a public fund, not take money from corporations. This can only be detrimental to our democracy. Let us raise taxes if necessary, and end our huge defense budget.

The Supreme Court upheld that corporations have human rights. We need to change this! This is essential for democracy to work.

Margaret Elterman


Continuing war is cheating Americans

Wake up Americans, you are being sadly cheated!

Wars benefit only a few — the warlords here and there. They fill their wallets killing your children and other parents' children. A war economy does not bring you health care for all, education for your children, public transportation or non-polluting energy.

It is time to step forward. Tell your representatives — they are paid by you to defend your interests — what you want. The choice is yours. It is truely a matter of life and death.

Reni Stark Augsburger


Public plan rests in Congress' hands

Congress must finally stand up for the people — and this means a public plan that will provide a genuine alternative to private insurance companies which must be curtailed.

Let's open Medicare to all who would be the greatest benefit (in addition to jobs creation) this Congress can give to the people. Now!

Herbert Long


Partisanship in America revisited

I'm sure that more than a few can remember Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America." When he launched the contract, he also launched a campaign for Republicans to constantly sully Democratic candidates with a constant barrage of negative terms, emphasizing that truth and accuracy were not as important as negativity and vitriol. The result was the poisoning of the national political conversation, with bad driving out most of the good.

Right-wing talk radio has kept the poison fresh. And if the Democrats try to play a cleaner, more fact-based game, they only get credit for being wimpy. What is astounding is how the Republicans race to the bottom, and their politics of deception have actually improved their polling numbers.

Jerry Nutter


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