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Bates' endorsement is worth following

If you're not sure who to vote for, I suggest you take Sen. Alan Bates' advice: Vote for Mark Wisnovsky.

Sen. Bates doesn't usually take sides in local races. But he feels so strongly that Mark is the right man for County Commissioner, Position 3, that he has formally endorsed Mark. Sen. Bates knows how important it is to nominate a proven winner, someone who is capable, smart and committed to the best interests of our county.

Please join Sen. Bates and Rep. Peter Buckley in casting your vote for Mark Wisnovsky. The real winner will be Jackson County!

Abe Genack


Wisnovsky has traits to succeed for county

When I decide whom I will be supporting or voting for in elections, I do not look at their party affiliation or even their political ideology as the basis for making my decision. Rather, I examine their character, their judgment, their passion to serve their community and their ability to solve problems.

In Mark Wisnovsky I find all of these traits in abundance. I see a man with enough passion to serve that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone in the private sector and submit himself to the often harsh public scrutiny to do so.

I also see a man who has a keen understanding of the challenges facing Jackson County and the ability to work with others (regardless of their political leanings) to meet those challenges.

Lastly and most importantly, I see a man of sound character and honor, who will make good decisions based on what is the right thing to do, not what is politically most expedient — a person who views himself as the "servant-leader."

That is the kind of person that I want as an elected official and that is why I am supporting Mark Wisnovsky for Jackson County Commissioner.

Greg Lemhouse

Ashland City Councilor

Honor Dave Gilmour and vote for Eichler

Doctor Dave Gilmour has worked tirelessly for eight years as County Commissioner to bring Jackson County together and tackle the issues that matter. He deserves all of our thanks for a job well done.

The number of candidates for his seat is refreshing. The candidates for County Commission are earnest and diligent and I thank them all for standing for the often thankless job of civic service.

Dave's shoes are big. Good thing for us that Dr. Gilmour has endorsed Buck Eichler to replace him as our County Commissioner.

We honor Commissioner Gilmour's legacy by electing the person Gilmour knows is best qualified to be our next County Commissioner.

The doctor's prescription is clear: Buck is the best choice for County Commission. Please join me in voting for Buck Eichler by May 18.

Mat Marr


Research shows that Wisnovsky is right

I'm voting for Mark Wisnovsky. I've researched all three candidates running for County Commissioner Position 3, and I'm sure Mark is the man we need.

Check it out: He's the only one who has actually invested his time and skill to support education and promote community organizations that serve our less-fortunate neighbors. He is a farmer, businessman and environmentalist. And he's smart and has lots of community support.

But don't just take my word for it — look at the three candidates' Web sites. Mark's is: www.markforcommissioner.com; Buck Eichler's is: buckforcommissioner.com; Jim Sims' is simsforcommissioner.com. I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion I did: Wisnovsky for County Commissioner!

Sarah Lythgoe


Eichler will lead the county on right path

This may be the most important race for our regional future. Three Democratic candidates are running for this position. If you read your voter's pamphlet, you will see that Buck Eichler is the candidate with the most experience and the one most capable of winning the election in the fall.

As you will learn, he is endorsed with great strenth and much praise by our fantastic current Democratic County Commissioner Dr. Dave Gilmour. Commissioner Dave Gilmour is recommending Buck as his successor. Those are some big shoes to fill and all of us from the green and sustainability community who have worked with Commissioner Gilmour know that he always listens and represents the mainstream fairly on both sides of the aisle.

Buck has extensive experience that applies to the County Commissioner role. He is committed to land uses and decisions that support a relocalized economy that respects the small farms, forestry, water resources, agricultural lands and open space, green and sustainable job development, education, ecotourism and sound conservation practices. His approach is thoughtful and low-key and reflects the mood of the majority of citizens who want common-sense solutions, less rhetoric and more collaboration for the common good.

I believe Buck is the person who can unite our county, create jobs for all, and find solutions that will be agreeable to people from all walks of life who want to preserve the beauty, livability and economic and physical health of our valley.

Buck is also endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, by Ashland City Council member Carol Voisin and praised by Rep. Peter Buckley for his work with union representatives and public officials in regard to timber payments and other important work.

For additional information on Buck Eichler, his ideas and his platform, visit www.buckforcommissioner.com or call me any time at (541) 535-1854.

Catie Faryl


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