Letters to the Editor

Don't allow our democracy to fail

Aristotle taught that democracy required three components: leaders, followers and critics. Without critics: dictatorship. To attribute criticism to "ill will" is to discourage discourse and thus guarantee ill-considered decisions. Leaders have choices, one being to prepare likely detractors before announcing policy, and another to recognize if they put forth policy people regard as boneheaded, someone will say so. In a democracy, rejection is as much a civic duty as acceptance. As for the election, to avoid being caught in a lie, don't lie. A democracy cannot work if citizens do not expose deception.

People will not always be followers of any one leader, however beloved — of Peter Buckley rightly so — but will occasionally be critics. To attribute ill will to critics is a subtle way of discouraging citizens from speaking up. Imagine a government in which deception and unexamined policies were tolerated for fear of censure or aspersions. These governments do exist, but ours must never become one.

Nancy Ames


Eichler has superior values, experience

I am voting for Buck Eichler for County Commissioner Position 3. Buck demonstrated his initiative in service to the county when he led a delegation to Washington, D.C., and convinced Congress to restore timber payments for our forest lands. Those funds re-opened our libraries and saved jobs.

Buck is the only candidate to have been endorsed by both the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and retiring Commissioner Dave Gilmour. Their endorsements tell me that Buck's values are my values. I encourage others to vote for Buck.

Carol Doty

Former County Commissioner


All candidates good, but Eichler the best

Please vote for Buck Eichler for Jackson County Commissioner. Ballots have begun arriving in Ashland's mailboxes and the race is tight. There are three Democratic primary candidates running for this position, all good men who care about Jackson County, but Buck's the one Jackson County needs.

He is a man of the people and for the people who will put common sense and the best interests of this community ahead of ideology and knee-jerk solutions. Buck is not bought and paid for, but a fighter, standing for the best interests of workers, the environment and the future of Southern Oregon.

Please join me and a host of other engaged, informed Southern Oregonians in making sure Buck becomes the Democratic candidate for this all-important position.

With Buck and Jeff Golden working together we shall turn this boat full throttle into the 21st century!

Randy Dolinger


Conservation choice for county is Eichler

Contrary to erroneous statements by another campaign, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters is only endorsing Buck Eichler for Jackson County Commission Position 3. There is good reason for a sole Eichler endorsement in this race, as the local conservation voter chapter clearly perceived.

There will be no other Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorsements in the primary race for Jackson County Commissioner Position 3. Buck Eichler is and will be the only Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorsement in the primary race for this seat.

At www.olcv.org you can click on "Elections & Endorsements," then "2010 Endorsements." Scrolling down to "Jackson County," the only Oregon League of Conservation Voters primary election endorsement for "Jackson County Commission, Position 3" is "Buck Eichler."

Please join me, outgoing Democratic Jackson County Commissioner Dave Gilmour and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters in supporting Buck Eichler for Jackson County Commission, Position 3.

Dave Willis


Butler Ford deserves thanks for AHS help

On behalf of the Ashland High School water polo team (and I'm sure other athletic teams feel the same way), I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the owner of Butler Ford and all of his staff for hosting the "Ford U-Drive It" fundraiser. For each person that drove a new vehicle, Ford Corporation donated a pre-determined amount to the various Ashland High School athletic teams.

It is my understanding, speaking with the Butler Ford staff person who rode with me, that the staff at Butler Ford donated their time to help make this important fund raising event a rousing success.

Fundraising is an inevitable part of having high students participate in club sports. For example, water polo costs approximately $800 per athlete, but we only charge $300. The difference must be made up through what at times seems to be non-stop fundraising.

For helping out with fundraising for local athletic teams, I want to extend a big thank you to Butler Ford.

Keith Massie


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