Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making food drive happen

To all of Ashland: Thank you for the generous donation of food that you offered during the Postal Carriers' Food Drive —18,900 pounds of non-perishables were donated to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank on May 8. This donation will allow us to continue to do our best to make sure that no one is hungry!

From the Postal Carriers to longtime food bank devotees Marty and Mark Dennett and Ann Marie Hutson, to a whole host of community volunteers, young and old: Thank you for your hard work!

Also, a special thank you to Giseppi's Pizza and to Recology Sanitary Service. We are able to offer the service we do because of the ongoing support from John and Candace Schweiger of Coming Attractions Theatres. Their kindness and show of support is essential to what we do every day. Thank you!

Jeff and Kelly Straub


Wisnovsky the best choice for education

Fellow Democrats: If education is an important issue for you, then Mark Wisnovsky is your candidate for County Commissioner.

He has earned our trust by volunteering his time and energy to improving education in Jackson County.

As co-chairman of the Medford School District's School Facilities bond in 2006, he worked tirelessly to pass the $189 million measure"…and succeeded! Our children are better off because of his efforts. And the county will be better off when he's elected commissioner. Vote Wisnovsky!

Merry Vediner


Thanks to city for a shorter water report

Thanks to the city of Ashland for printing a much shorter and less expensive "H2Oh!" report on water quality this year. This is a big improvement over the thick, glossy, catalog-type report I remember from a few years ago.

I challenge you to reduce it to one page next year — think of the savings in postage, paper and printing!

Marcia Pinneau


Store owner was a big help to students

We, the students of Southern Oregon, are having an alternative prom in Medford and we were lucky enough to encounter Judi Honoré at Shakespeare Books and Antiques in Ashland. She generously donated items from her store that we thought students might enjoy for a grab bag or a prize in an amount more than $300.

Our prom is being held on May 22 at the Rogue Regency Inn in Medford from 7 p.m. until midnight. All ages are included. Judi is amazing and she provides a safe place for anybody and has a beautiful store.

Frankie Swearingen

James Hart

Nicole Bartu

An answer to the foreclosure article

A recent article about the foreclosure of Julian Square raised the question of the impact the foreclosure would have on the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. The impact on Mountain Meadows Retirement Community is zero!

The article confused the situation by ignoring the difference between Mountain Meadows LLC and the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. Mountain Meadows Retirement Community is resident-owned-and-operated by a resident elected board of directors as the Mountain Meadows Owners Association (MMOA). Mountain Meadows LLC (MMLLC) developed the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community and except for one condominium unit, the MMLLC has no property interest whatsoever in the other 225 units in the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. Mr. Dorsey's intent to protect his interests by foreclosing on Larry Medinger's assets is limited to Mr. Medinger's interest in Mountain Meadows LLC.

Other than a sense of personal sadness that the recession has contributed to Larry Medinger's problems, the residents of Mountain Meadows have absolutely no connection to the foreclosure issues. Madeline Hill, the founder of the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community, wisely insulated our residents from any legal problems with the development company.

Lee Bowman

MMOA Board of Directors chair

China satellite deals raise many questions

On April 1, Bolivia's president signed a loan agreement with China toward acquiring a $300 million satellite. Bolivia, predominantly Christian, is one of Latin America's poorest countries, yet has Latin America's largest natural gas reserves. Many poor nations are being persuaded to accept huge loans from China and launch satellites. Even Moldova. (There's probably hedge funds betting against those countries ever repaying, too.) This strategy could enable China to gain control of resources and sophisticated satellite surveillance over much of our planet.

"Now the president, the vice president and the finance minister have to guarantee the funds, so that we can sign a contract and ... in three years, as the technicians are saying, we'll launch the Tupac Katari satellite," President Evo Morales blithely said, according to a Reuters report.

What if Bolivia can't repay its loan? China loaned Chile $100 million in 2008. Subsequently, Chile suffered a costly earthquake. Nonetheless, Chile's launching a remote sensing satellite this October that will make it possible to obtain high-resolution images of the territory and its natural resources. So, their resources will be neatly secured.

Ecuador's president terminated his country's loan talk with China because, he said, the conditions they imposed, (including offering Ecuador's National Bank as collateral), were "tantamount to surrendering sovereignity." Recently, a $10 billion deal with Argentina can allow China's currency to eventually be used in Argentina as an alternate reserve currency. I believe it's important to know of these events.

Patti Morey


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