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Independent Party member? vote soon

The Independent Party of Oregon would like to remind its 55,000 members that July 30 is the last day to vote in the party's on-line primary election, which features 86 candidates running for 60 public offices. The election closes at 5 p.m. that day, with results announced immediately.

It takes only two minutes to vote at indparty.com/vote. No one votes on more than four offices (governor, U.S. representative, state senator and state representative).

If you are a member of the Independent Party and have misplaced your postcard containing your unique passcode, go to indparty.com/vote and click on the big link to retrieve it. Voters can direct questions to info@indparty.com or fax them toll-free to 866-795-9415.

As stated in a Eugene Register-Guard editorial on July 11:

"No minor party in Oregon has ever conducted a primary election before. No party of any description in Oregon, major or minor, has conducted an election via the Internet. No Oregon party has ever conducted a primary election at its own expense. The Independent Party of Oregon is currently doing all three. The experiment could change both elections and politics in the state and beyond."

Linda Williams, chair

Independent Party of Oregon

Improper bicyclingis dangerous, illegal

Regina Pelagio should be charged in the collision of with Daniel Wilson on Thursday. She was breaking a law that bicycle drivers very often break while operating their vehicle.

According to Oregon statue 814.430 a bicycle is to be operated as far as practicable to the right curb or edge of the roadway. Ms. Pelagio was endangering herself, Mr. Wilson (auto driver) and others by riding on the left side of the road, against traffic flow.

Traffic citations are an educational tool. When you receive a citation for the violation of a traffic law you are made aware of the law and what is proper under that law. Ms. Pelagio obviously has a need for such education. She was lucky that her injuries were not more severe. Mr. Wilson was also fortunate that he did not lose control of his motor vehicle and injure himself or others.

Please be aware that when you operate your bicycle it is the same as operating any other vehicle. You are required to know and to obey the law. Riding against the flow of normal traffic is not only breaking the law but is very dangerous. The drivers of motor vehicles do not see you as you are not in the normal and expected place for a vehicle.

Bicycling is not dangerous. Improper bicycle driving is very dangerous.

W.B. Heimann


Drivers are too worried about bicyclists

This isn't so much about bicyclists as it is about the motorists who will throw traffic into turmoil if a person on a bicycle is anywhere around.

I ride a motorcycle. I cannot count the times a car has crossed the center divider into my oncoming lane to avoid wind draft on the "frail" bicyclist. They would rather risk a head-on collision than draft a person on a bike.

In that same vein, people stop traffic to let a bicyclist cross the street ­— riding rather than walking their bike, which would give them the rights of a pedestrian. East Main is the worst for this behavior.

Bicyclists are governed by the same laws as cars. Period.

Thomas Walters


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