Letters to the Editor

'She Loves Me'was great theater

Last night my husband and I saw our third play of the season, "She Loves Me." We got the last two tickets for this often sold out show. Now we know why.

The sets were spectacular and the costuming exquisite. The acting and singing were spot on, particularly the performance of Lisa McCormick, the lead actress. Her soprano voice was stunning and her ability to deliver the comedic lines in the script as well as the dramatic ones showed an impressive versatility.

There were a great many sight gags in the play and the cast had perfect timing in executing these. The company veterans were, as usual, at the top of their game.

We thoroughly enjoyed this play and to see a production of this caliber two miles from our home and be in bed 15 minutes after we left our seats was a privilege. Being from NYC, I appreciate how little hassle is involved in seeing great theater in Ashland. Kudos to the festival and to all the cast and crew of this production.

Meg Spinella


Honoré column sums it all up

Chris Honoré's opinion should be sent to every newspaper in the USA. He has summed it all in a cogent way for all to understand and heed.

Maxine Scott


Beware Klamath midge madness

Last Labor Day weekend I traveled to my hometown and birthplace of Klamath Falls 65 miles east of Ashland to visit family. Though I grew up around them and regularly experienced these during the Klamath Basin summers, I still can't get used to swarms of midges hovering in the air in mass funnels.

On or near Upper Klamath Lake, Lake Ewauna, the Link River and the Klamath River clear to Keno, the midges seem to be a menace! I understand midges were originally introduced into the local region to consume and feed on mosquito larvae.

If a motorist drives between Medford and Klamath Falls via Highway 140 coming around Upper Klamath Lake between Rocky Point and the Running Y Ranch during the warm summer months, they can expect having their windshields and vehicles covered with this green menace. Especially towards dusk.

Be prepared if you decide to travel this route. "Midge madness begins": Saturday, July 18, 2009 is posted online via the Klamath Falls Herald and News at www.heraldandnews.com. Enter article into the H & N search engine to learn about these flying insects.

James A. Farmer


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