Letters to the Editor

Why not buildmotorcycles here?

Irony is our watchword when we read that Brammo Inc. is raising millions of dollars from American capitalists to build its motorcycles in ... Singapore.

Is this because Americans don't know how to build such things? Or is there another reason?

Gerald Cavanaugh


Support Morrisfor City Council

It is gratifying to have a candidate for Ashland City Council who still remembers Twin Plunges.

Mike Morris has no special agenda, nor any law suits directed at the city. Mike's willingness to represent the citizens of Ashland regardless of status is truly inspiring.

I heartily endorse Mike without reservation. Please join me in voting for Mike Morris to take a seat on the Ashland City Council.

A. Willstater


A modest proposalfor fixing the deficit

A headline Friday read "Fear of huge deficits leaves Congress leery."

A sensible alternative to raising the deficit for another jobs-creating stimulus would be to impose a sacrifice on those citizens most able to share some of the wondrous abundance they have gained under our system of free enterprise, even a sacrifice of the size taxpayers made for Wall Street and the wizards of finance.

Possibly such a sacrifice could be asked in the name of Christianity, maybe fairness, even patriotism. What purpose could be higher? And the infusion of goodwill and pride loose across the country would be of historic proportions.

This country has prospered mightily on the sacrifices of our armed forces, too often the ultimate sacrifice. This proposal, by comparison, is quite modest.

Jerry Nutter


Voting for Morrisis right thing to do

At Harvard University there's a class called "What's The Right Thing To Do?" where students are challenged to consider morally correct solutions to complicated problems. Doing the right thing in real-life situations requires one to use mental acuity, internalized integrity, common sense, and a willingness to consider others points of view.

Michael Morris, who is running for Ashland City Council, has shown that he has all these attributes, and the maturity and clarity of vision to help make Ashland a better place to live and do business. We are voting for Michael Morris for Ashland City Council — it is the right thing to do.

Bob and Claudia Law


We are caretakersof this planet

As caretakers of this planet, we have done a rotten job. Grade F. We are takers, so who cares?

It is not a "deer problem". It is a people problem, as it always seems to be.

M. Holland


Help dog owners be responsible

I am responding to the article about allowing dogs in Ashland city parks and the well-written letter by David Hess. I believe dogs should be allowed in city parks on a leash.

David Hess is correct that not all owners are responsible and that must be addressed. I propose a city ordinance requiring all people walking dogs in Ashland to have a "doggy poop bag" visibly attached to the leash. This will eliminate the excuse of some people walking dogs of not having a way to pick up their dog's poop.

It also elevates to a more obvious level dog owners responsibility to pick up after their dogs. While I certainly agree that dog owners should be picking up after their dogs, it feels that because of a few "bad apples" who do not clean up after their dogs or monitor them well the city collectively punishes all dog owners.

We dog owners need to do a better job policing ourselves. I know that many pick up dog poop from other dogs as they walk their dogs. I give doggy poop bags to any dog walker who might have forgotten theirs. It is our responsibility to help raise neglectful dog owners' awareness and help them be more responsible.

Requiring visible doggy poop bags and dog owners helping remind one another will go a long way toward eliminating negligent behavior. Also by legally allowing dogs in city parks then all residents will have their rights to use parks restored. Let's not punish responsible dog owners for the acts of those who are irresponsible. Let's help keep our parks clean and help all citizens to be responsible.

Vanston Shaw


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