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Guest opinionwas correct

Thanks to Harry Fuller for a intelligent statement on our deer problem and any other wild animal problem. This woman was ignorant to stand, shake her fist and stamp her feet because a mother deer was protecting her baby.

These are docile and sweet animals who are not fighters but of course would protect their young. We have taken their property, and their place in the wild.

Harry was right on every issue. These people who move to this area, do so knowing this is the way it is. Adjust to it, or do not come here.

I sprayed my roses with two eggs beaten into one quart of water. Lots of deer came through where I lived and did not eat my roses. I had an apple tree. I cut the apples in quarters so they could eat them. They never damaged the ones on the tree and if they had, so what?

As to no dogs in parks, it is correct. People do not obey the rules and take the leashes off their dogs, and think it is fine for them to run and chase the waterfowl and kill them if they catch them.

We had a pair of lovely swans, who mate for life. A dog without its leash killed one of them. Heartbreak for its mate. And the parks department spent lots of time trying to find a home for this heartbroken mate.

This woman was wrong, and I am ashamed of my fellow man or woman who does these kinds of things, and we wonder why our kids do things.

Penny Beck


Guest opinion made sense

The guest opinion printed in the Tidings on Sept. 25 written by Harry fuller made more sense than any of the others that have been printed on the subject of both deer and dogs.

The deer were here first, and the dogs deserve better from this lovely city!

Let's see them get the consideration and privileges they so richly deserve. Ashland can do it.

June Rachles


I'd rather not share a bar with Bowser

Harry Fuller makes some very spot-on points regarding Ashland's never-ending turf war between Bambi and Bowser (guest opinion, Sept. 25).

However, I believe he stretches the point when he writes "In civilized parts of the world dogs go to pubs, cafes, shops, ride public transport." I suppose everything is subject to interpretation.

Despite the infernal meal tax, I enjoy dining in Ashland, but I'd rather relish my hamburger while not having to look at Rover sitting next to me salivating on the bib around his neck as he waits for his order of steak tartare. Watching playoff baseball in a sports bar with an adult beverage of my choice is indeed sublime. Do I have to be subjected to Spot squatting on a stool next to me, slurping beer from a saucer and drooling in the peanut dish? What's next: Alpo and kibbles on the menu at Munchies?

Someone once said that every dog must have his day. According to Mr. Fuller, that now includes a bus pass, a Safeway Club Card and a Costco canine discount.

Clive Rosengren


Put Golden backto work for us

During his previous term, Jeff Golden endured the rage of big timber. He said the industry would collapse here due to decisions to log off holdings and cease sustainable reforestation.

In a standing-room-only South Medford High School auditorium, spokespersons from the industry chided him as an "owl lover" whose ideas would eliminate good paying timber industry jobs. Golden was jeered by an audience of understandably fearful employees and family members of Medco and Boise.

Within a few years the profiteers cut the last logs, locked the mill doors, took their profits out of state and put their faithful workers on the street. Jeff stayed.

He has continued to work in government and the media promoting new ways of making a living here. I honor his loyalty to our home and commitment to projects among all who love Jackson County despite party affiliations. Put Jeff back to work for us.

Sam Alvord

Lincoln on the Greensprings

Ashland is full of wonderful people

Our traveling companions recently sent a letter of appreciation commending the fine people of Ashland for returning a suitcase that had fallen out of a rented SUV whose back hatchway had opened. (The suitcase was turned in to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival office, which traced ownership to specific seats at a performance.) Bravo!

We'd like to expand on that report. Two of our small pieces of luggage rolled out of the same SUV, but at a different location in Ashland. They ended up in front of the home of an SOU professor of sociology who sensed they were not refuse thrown on her front lawn on garbage pick-up day. She thoughtfully located our identification and telephoned us. We quickly retrieved our luggage and our trip to Ashland was saved.

What a great demonstration of the goodness and thoughtfulness of the people of Ashland. In two separate instances they recognized a problem, rose to the occasion and saved the day.

What fine people there are in Ashland, which is such a wonderful community. This was our fourth trip your fine city; we'll certainly be coming back again.

Ralph and Rona Brown

Chicago, Ill.

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