Letters to the Editor

Navickas has been a valuable leader

I want to tell folks about some solid community building I saw Councilor Eric Navickas do for the town this past year.

Early last winter, Ashland saw an unprecedented series of reported rapes, and in their wake, many of us were looking for ways to create a different pattern. Citizens were invited to a solution-oriented public meeting, also attended by rape prevention professionals. The emergent theme was that folks can begin to stop rape and violence against women simply by acknowledging that it happens. This seemingly obvious first step often never gets taken because the topic is so painful for folks to talk about, and because they are not aware that talking about such facts is a crucial problem-solving action.

What many people might not know is that Eric was at that meeting, mostly listening quietly, and that he then went on to implement that first recommended step. Late last winter, he and Amy Godard, co-owners of the MAda Gallery, sponsored a show that invited artists to name and express how rape and violence against women affects us all. Eric and Amy understood that each time any of us takes this silence-breaking first step means that we are all closer to creating a healthy, safe community.

It's this kind of innovative, thoughtful and responsible footwork that has made Eric Navickas such a valuable town leader to all of us. His sincerity and his think-forward way of doing things have been a great gift to the town. Thanks to Eric for his service.

Liza Maltsberger


Monster Dashwas a success

With support from nearly 500 registrants and the generous donations from our 86 business sponsors, the Monster Dash 2010 Halloween Fun Run raised an estimated $13,000 for Ashland public schools.

This event was organized by the Kiwanis Club of Ashland and the Ashland Schools Foundation to raise awareness of the foundation and to provide funds for Ashland Schools Foundation's Literacy and Libraries grants in the Ashland public schools for the 2010-'11 school year.

You came out, you got involved and you joined the community for the second year in this fun event! This year we had 254 runners finish in the 5K race, and 175 runners/walkers/strollers who finished the 1-mile fun run, a total of 104 more than last year. Congratulations, and thank you!

Next year the Monster Dash will move to the Saturday before Halloween, Oct. 29. We hope to see you all again at the 2011 edition of the Monster Dash!

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis

What were the voters thinking?

How can Americans possibly consider voting back in power the same party that led this country to the brink of disaster less than two years ago?I listen to Republican talk radio and hear it's all Obama and the Democrats' fault. Or the liberals, elitists, labor unions, Muslims, Mexicans, "entitlement programs" — you know, the programs that show compassion and kindness, which actually help our fellow Americans. I hear Rush cutting down elitists on one hand and promoting tax cuts for the richest people and corporations on the other.

They told us "war is good for the economy." Wrong! They told us Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction." Wrong again! They told us "tax cuts for big corporations would bring more jobs."

How's that working for ya?

We need not only to rid ourselves of all the brainwashing, hate-mongering and division in this country, but also and especially, those who are deliberately profiting from it.

Daniel Rueff


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