Letters to the Editor

What's wrong with a voting record?

I don't understand why publishing a council member's voting record is a bad thing. If I were in office, I would stand behind and be proud of what I had done, of how I had voted.

Mr Navickas is saying that detailing his voting record is negative campaigning. Wow, his record is negative? Does that mean he thinks it reflects badly on him?

Mr. Navickas also has made statements that his voting record was taken out of context. I do not understand how you can take a voting record out of context. The vote is the vote. It is easy for anyone to check what the league printed, since it told you where to look for every vote.

You be the judge. Do you want someone who feels this way about his own actions in office as your leader?

Bill Heimann


Council colleague endorses Navickas

As a member of the Ashland City Council since 2008, I'm compelled to set some facts straight in the Navickas/Morris council race.

First, my colleague Eric Navickas moves the council forward by being ready to make a motion that focuses our deliberations. With a motion, he always presents his rationale for it. To say Eric is an obstructionist is not true. I invite you to watch a 31/2-hour council meeting with me and see what a serious, responsible councilor he is.

Second, Eric builds bridges on the council. Once bitter opponents, Councilor Lemhouse, a Medford police officer, and Navickas are amiable opponents, sometimes even proponents on issues. To say he is a loner is simply false.

Third, Eric gives voice to the voiceless in our community. He has done that consistently. He has done it with passion. The environment and the poor need his voice on our City Council. The business community already has a majority of the voices holding office. Eric reflects the diversity that is Ashland.

Please vote to re-elect Eric Navickas, for the good of our city.

Carol Voisin


Thanks to allfor "It Gets Better"

In addition to OSF's just-concluding 2010 season, John Tufts and many other members of the company have appended an amazing offering — their "It Gets Better" video, which highlights OSF's wondrous diversity.

For me, it confirms that not only are they standout members of our Ashland community, but stand-up members of the wider human community.

Thank you "… thank you.

Dee Decker


League campaign made up my mind

I have been undecided between Navickas and Morris for City Council. I believe both could serve the council well.

The actions by the League of Ashland Voters toward Eric have been the low point of this council race. Unfortunately, a vote for Mike will encourage political action committees such as LAV to continue their questionable practices in the future in an attempt to influence Ashland voters.

I have decided to vote for Eric and I'm printing my name next to what I write.

Pete Toogood


Golden, Wisnovsky for commissioner

Jackson County is at a crossroads. It could plummet into a depressing scenario of record joblessness, shuttered storefronts, abandoned farms and a growing gap between rich and poor that stokes violence and the crime rate.

Or our county could rise to a vibrant new level of thriving, locally owned businesses and farms that generate stable, family-wage jobs and cycle more and more wealth into the community. This reduces the gap between rich and poor and increases public safety, food and job security and overall resilience.

The seeds of this thriving future are already being nurtured. Local business owners, including farmers, are joining with citizens of every stripe to develop innovative strategies to add new jobs, grow more of our own food and keep money circulating locally.

We need county commissioners who understand and support these strategies for resilience. Vote for Jeff Golden (www.goldenforjacksoncounty.org) and Mark Wiznovsky (www.markforcommissioner.com) for county commissioner.

Carolyn Shaffer


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