Letters to the Editor

Community is rushing too fast to judge SOU

I have no dog in this fight, but it appears to me that the community and the press are empathetically rushing to chastise SOU for its decision to disallow Eliza Schaaf to attend a class.

Attention has been focused on the noble purpose of her parents and her personal courage in dealing with her disability. However, little has been said of the disingenuous manner in which her parents first enrolled her without telling SOU she was a handicapped student. As it is, whenever individuals parse words or conceal facts, others are left to wonder what else we, as the reading public, do not know about this matter.

I suspect that the administrators and teachers at SOU are not the heartless bureaucrats the press stories to date would imply. And, having been a student once upon a time myself, I retrospectively recall intense emotions over some of my university's decisions, only to realize later in life that I did not have all the facts when I rushed to judge.

As a retired law enforcement officer/investigator, I also recall occasions when I prejudged cases before I had collected all of the evidence, and thereafter refocused on other suspects, or suspended investigation altogether.

So I say, until all the facts are known, let's give SOU the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes in life difficult decisions must be made, let us not prematurely condemn those who must make them.

George Mozingo


Friends of the Ashland Library are thankful

The Friends of the Ashland Public Library wish to recognize the local businesses, individuals and volunteers whose generosity enriched our recent annual book sale and silent auction.

Because of the community's response, the friends will continue providing Early Literacy packets for every child born in Ashland. In the past year, with the cooperation of Kiwanis, 400 packets were distributed. Without the more than 50 businesses and individuals who gave of their merchandise, gift baskets and time, and those who came to support the cause, this event would not have been possible.

Readers are always welcome to join the friends. Check us out when you visit the Ashland Public Library or go to our website at ashlandfriends.com.

Ann Magill, board member, Friends of the Ashland Public Library


Hallinan letter was embarrassing

Shame on P.K. Hallinan for his disparaging comments about Rabbi Zaslow in his Nov. 19 letter, calling into question his spiritual path and calling him ignorant.

Hallinan's children's books are delightful, but it's rants like his against others of a different faith that cause some of us to be embarrassed to call ourselves Christian. I, for one, am proud of our Jewish roots and am certainly in favor of Jews and Christians gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of one another.

Carol Custodio


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