Letters to the Editor

Thanks to ACCESS for the privilege

May I express my appreciation for the privilege of making quilts for ACCESS Inc.

In 2010, I have provided 23 warm quilts for those in need in the ACCESS Senior Outreach program. My thanks to Barbara at ACCESS for 19 packages of batting that were procured from Walmart and supplied to me in early 2010. Now as we approach 2011, Barbara has provided 24 winter blankets that are just the right size for batting in the quilts I make. Also, thanks to the message of need in the newsletter; donors have thus far donated eleven packages of batting from Walmart. This will keep me very busy in 2011.

I am thankful that all my bodily systems are in good working order at 82 years of age. I am also thankful that I have good eyesight and nimble fingers, making it easy to use the sewing machine, hand-tie the quilts and hand-stitch the binding. Thank you again to all the people who have donated more batting for me this holiday season.

Stan Stromberg


Nothing is private: What have we become?

Nothing is private anymore — and we criticize our kids! Elizabeth Edwards passed on, a sweet woman, and the entire media, and newspapers speak of John Edwards' infidelity? Even at her memorial the media spoke of this. And we have his mistress on for interviews in which she speaks of their affair and how they much they love each other?

President Clinton is on the air about something very important to our government (and he is so great) and eventually some media person mentions the episode in the Oval Office?

Tiger Woods has some horrible things happen in his life, but is trying to get back on track with his family and children. Yet we let a porn star, who knew he was married and had a affair with him, be interviewed on the media and all she asked was he love only her, besides his wife, and he lied to her? And now some slime ball is putting on an entire program to continue the saga of Tiger Woods?

And it is the big channels on TV that are doing this. What have we become?

Joy Behar has a panel on her show and they snicker and laugh at these things and make snide remarks?

These things are not pretty, but the media and persons who continue talking about them and enjoying doing this are dead wrong — these people and the people who listen and enjoy the misery of persons who are trying to rebuild their lives. They love to see people fail, and are making big money from the misery of others.

We have so many important things to speak of — what an example for our children!

Penny Beck


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