Letters to the Editor

Homeless deserve respect at least

I just read the article about the homeless problem in Ashland and, as a concerned citizen, I would like to ask how one human can let another live out in the cold and go hungry.

This country is filled with wealth, and yet the souls of some always seem to come in second place. We all are just one step away from being in their place and we see them as nothing but a problem when we should all be embracing them with at least understanding.

Not all of us have money to help them, but we can at least try to give them respect for what they have to face each and every day.

Bobby May Sr.

Shady Cove

Save your sympathy for those truly in need

I was irritated upon reading the letter "Ashland homeless rules caused fires" (Dec. 8) because of the gross differences between the "home free" people of Ashland and the homeless people of India.

The home free people of Ashland get fed well every day by us Ashlanders. Homeless people of India struggle for food.

Home free people don't want to pay rent. Homeless people in India would love a home.

Home free people con tourists and hard-working Ashlanders out of money with signs saying "need food." Homeless Indians really need food.

Home free people of Ashland drink and do drugs. Homeless people of India probably don't do that.

As a hard-working Ashlander and community volunteer helping to feed people, I say we take our downtown back and don't buy into the "poor homeless" stuff. Save it for the people who are really in need.

Lynna Mandernacht


City should improve signs for traffic safety

After watching two near collisions, I have been asking myself why the city of Ashland hasn't invested in better signage around the city.

One key example is the intersection of Tolman Creek Road and Siskiyou Boulevard. Cars traveling north or south on Tolman will notice not only a stop sign but also a blinking red light that hangs from above. Cars traveling south even have two stops signs. Unfortunately, there is no signage cautioning the driver that while they must stop, cross traffic does not. Cars traveling along Siskiyou Boulevard have merely a blinking yellow light. Why does the city not post a sign with the numerous stop signs at the intersection that cross traffic indeed does not stop?

I have now been behind two unfortunate souls who made the mistake of turning onto Siskiyou in front of a car they honestly believed would be stopping. Both of the cars were almost hit as the oncoming driver quickly slammed on their brakes and blared their horn.

Now, whether the drivers were from out of town or merely caught unaware, it would be easy for the city to fix. Is there a reason the city has not done this already?

Drivers, no matter where they are, need to be careful and aware. I don't think, however, that we should make it any harder. We already deal with, for better or worse, screaming kids, cell phones, GPS devices, back-seat drivers, hectic schedules and life's stresses. So before the semi-harmless honking becomes an accident or someone is hurt, please make it more clear.

Brianna Thomas


A question for my Republican friends

To my Republican friends:

Don't you think you are exceeding the greed limit — and thereby endangering the nation's future?

Margaret Gelatt


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