Letters to the Editor

Tree-cycling day was a huge success

This past Saturday, Ashland Boy Scout Troop 112 collected approximately 1,200 once-loved Christmas trees from all around the city of Ashland. These are trees that would have ended up in our landfill.

Instead, the trees were picked up and taken to Hunter Park and chipped by the Parks Department to be used as mulch on the city park trails. This is a huge undertaking requiring hours of preparation and planning for the tree pickup alone — not to mention cooking a delicious lunch and feeding the 80 volunteers.

I would like to thank the Ashland Parks Department, volunteers from the Ashland Lions Club, families of and Webelos Cub Scouts from Pack 112, families and scouts from Troop 112, Craig Gorson for the use of his trailers, Kim McQuoid for cooking a hearty lunch, Darryl Grupé for his overall coordination of the project, the Parks Department for the use of their chipper and Senior Center, plus the people of Ashland for making it all happen.

The generous, tax-deductible donations by Ashlanders to Troop 112 for this service will help to fund many of the Troop's projects and activities in the coming year. Most importantly, all of the scouts that worked all day at the tree-cycle will get half of their summer camp fee paid.

If we picked up your tree and you would like to donate to Troop 112 for this service, please send a check to: Troop 112, P.O. Box 839, Ashland, OR 97520.

Jeff Jones, scoutmaster, Troop 112


Another fan of Lawrence's work

I was glad to see Tom Frantz's recent letter in the Tidings, which spoke to the pride Steve Lawrence takes in his work. Glad, because I have had the same experience with Steve's work and have benefitted from it.

Most Saturdays a couple of us have a baseball workout at North Mountain Park, either on the softball or baseball fields. I have greatly enjoyed the high level of maintenance there, often commenting on the "major league" condition of these fields. I have seen many professional baseball fields that were not as well-maintained. In addition, Steve was always very supportive of our use of the fields (we did try to leave them in same outstanding condition in which we found them).

So I have been saddened by the city's handling of Steve's problem and to the inordinate publicity in the Tidings; Frantz's letter gave me the incentive to also write. I believe we all lose — I certainly do — by Steve's resignation.

Jack Altman


I'm mad as hell — how about you?

The two-party system, although successful at its onset, has become the biggest obstacle to successfully running the country. Rather than bring many different ideas and values into play, it has become the one major polarizing force in government.

Automatically, when one party says yes, the other says no, whatever the issue. I've heard politicians on the radio saying that whatever Obama recommends they will vote against it.

Are these people insane? What happened to the good of the country rather than the good of the party? I heard one politician say that if votes in Congress were held anonymously the outcomes on health care, finance and more would be very different.

If the Republicans really try to curb spending next term they will be voted out of office by seniors, unions and anyone with health care needs.

When in school we learned that in a democracy we had a government "of the people, by the people and for the people." Now we have a government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. How have we let this happen? I'm mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore. How 'bout you?

Paul Moss


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