Letters to the Editor

Try giving up meat for a day

The Great American Meatout started in 1985, and now includes all 50 states plus dozens of countries. After 26 years, it is now the world's largest grassroots diet campaign! Try giving up meat for a day, then a week, and then a lifetime. You may ask, "Why should I give up meat?" Well, here are just a few reasons.

  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer.
  • Preserve resources from the earth.
  • Save animals from the suffering they endure to become your meal.
  • Protect forests and grasslands against encroachment from cattle ranchers.
  • Reduce pollution to the earth from factory farming practices.

To get some more information, visit www.meatout.org/about.htm, where you can sign up for a weekly e-mail containing recipes, health news, product substitutes, and inspiration.

Please try it for a day and see what you think. You'll be amazed at how much food you can eat and how many more new things you'll try without your meat staple always on your plate!

Linda Lowe


When tea party's work is done

When the tea party's work is done:

When our children sit 50 to a classroom; when there are too few police to protect us; when our houses burn before fire fighters can arrive; when the homeless and mentally ill sleep in every doorway; when we no longer lead the world in science, innovation, and the arts; when the elderly shiver in their homes; when we die of preventable diseases we couldn't afford to treat; when workers are subject to the whims of global corporations and good paying jobs are a memory; when only millionaires can run for office, or own a home; when every social program from food-banks to libraries has been shut down; when the tea party's work is done it will be too late to decide that taxing the richest people and corporations in the world, as we have done for the past century, would have been the better choice.

Sean O'Skea


Abolish the death penalty in Oregon

This week we all received the news that Governor Quinn of Illinois abolished the death penalty. Apparently, the state of Illinois worked for 10 years in an attempt to fix what was broken about their capital punishment system, but in the end it was clear that the capital punishment system couldn't be fixed. Instead of continuing to send inmates to their death, perhaps innocent and wrongfully convicted, the governor signed into law that other alternatives need to be found.

Our state should follow suit. As a practicing Christian living in a nation that identifies itself as Christian, we need to find our humanity and respect each other as children of God.

Charlotte Nuessle


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