Letters to the Editor

Welcome to tea party America

Welcome to tea party America! Let nothing stand in the way of our prosperity. We will finally begin running this great nation as it needs to be run.

All of these wealth-killing, socialist programs must soon be a thing of the past — we must stop throwing money to the undeserving small people. Forget about all these crazy giveaways to the poor, forget about accountability and regulations — unfettered business is our only hope, so get out of the way!

Only the rich know how to use money wisely; the desperate underclass will bring this nation to its knees if not soon put in their place. Workers rights, unions, welfare, immigrants, education, environmental concerns — all of these things stand in the way of prosperity and must be eliminated! Let us keep our money! We have tasted blood and will not be stopped!

Load your guns, lock up your women and prepare to fight! We shall stop this immoral takeover of this great nation by the have-nots, these intellectuals and communists who would destroy our well-earned and well-deserved privilege! The battle rages — remember to vote!

Randy Dolinger


Don't raise rates; extend water line

After reading about the decision by the Ashland City Council to "reluctantly" raise our water rates and seeing that our rates are already double those of Medford's, I can't help but wonder why they are not pursuing extending the existing pipeline that runs from Medford to Talent another two miles to Ashland? As far as I can tell, the last time a budget was developed for the extension of this water line was back in 2006 and then it was shelved.

As an Ashland resident, I see a continuing lack of common sense from our city leaders. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting expansion of the Mount Ashland ski area only to be defeated, instead of working with them for an environmentally sound way to achieve Mount Ashland's goals.

Now, with water rates twice that of Medford, their solution is to raise rates further to cover their revenue shortfalls. Some council members admit that this will likely force residents to cut back water usage, thereby nullifying the financial benefits to the city for the rate hike.

Ashland is a small community with limited financial and natural resources. As a community, we profess to care about providing for low-income and middle-income families, yet city policies and decisions say the opposite.

These are tough times for everyone except the very wealthy, so I ask the City Council to get more creative about their problem solving, reduce costs and develop some smart, long-term proposals that make economic sense. A bond measure for a few million dollars that may cut our water rates substantially is one of the better options I can think of, especially while labor rates for constructing the pipeline are low and construction jobs remain scarce in our region.

David Thruston


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