Letters to the Editor

Another thought on exclusion zone

Let's see: A City Council member is proposing an exclusionary area downtown for homeless and panhandling persons? Hey, we could compel them to sew yellow stars on their jackets; one yellow star for homelessness and two for homelessness and panhandling!

Wendy Eppinger


Israel is hardly a role model

Amos Guiora lauds Israel for providing due process to all. I agree that this is important, but Mr. Guiora fails to mention that in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, the "independent courts" he cites are actually military courts where a military commander appoints a military judge and a military prosecutor.

The defendant (often indigent because of the effects of Israel's permanent occupation) must obtain his own lawyer and the trial is in a foreign language. This would be like you or me facing trial here in Ashland in a Mexican military court entirely in Spanish. If you're Jewish and live in the West Bank, however, none of this applies because you get a civilian trial with all the attending rights. This is religious discrimination.

The biggest problem with the commentary, however, is that reading it, one gets the impression that Israel is law-abiding, when Israel daily violates numerous articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions. Israel is also condemned by more U.N. resolutions than any other country and ignores advisory opinions by the highly esteemed International Court of Justice.

Due process is great, but Israel is hardly a role model for international law.

Gene Robbins


Corporate power must be limited

Harry & David bankrupt! It was solvent before the hostile takeover.

Could it be that it, like so many others, was looted by the Wall Street suits? A two-minute Google search says, obviously! But you throw in a mention that the new owners might have overpaid themselves. Well, duh.

When will we ever learn? Corporate power must be limited by the people (the government), or we all lose.

Peter Nemzek


Pay close attention to your thoughts

The thoughts I think today, manifest tomorrow. Like attracts like. If I think negative thoughts, I receive negative experiences. If I think positive thoughts, good experiences come to me.

We are at the crossroads for the 100th monkey phenomenon to reoccur: When a critical mass of people believe in something, it happens, in a flash. Right now the world is in chaos. Chaos is the reordering of priorities, and precedes a new level of awareness.

If you want to save the world, pay close attention to your thoughts. Positive thoughts of how you want the world to be could make you the 100th monkey. Think, feel (especially), envision, and share the kind of world you want to live in.

As I'm driving down a street, and see an approaching car, I send to the driver a message. It might be "May you be well and happy," or "I love you," or a new positive thought. I invite you to do the same.

The Dalai Lama says, "Never give up, no matter what is going on around you." We have the power to transform our world. Go for it! The 100th monkey is at hand.

Carola Lacy


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