Letters to the Editor

Ghitis column was delightful

I was delighted with Frida Ghitis' column (April 12) which revealed Israel's vindication from the lies of the Goldstone report. Most of the world accepts as truth any accusation made against Israel. Israel haters were very disappointed to learn that the Goldstone report was based on lies.

Seldom will an Israel hater write to a paper to complain about nations such as North Korea or Iran. They only condemn Israel. When Israelis are murdered by Muslim terrorists, Israel's haters are silent.

And why do Israel haters condemn Israel and only Israel? Jewish history and the worldwide resurgence of anti-Semitism tell me it's because Israel is a Jewish state.

Maynard Telpner


Vote yes on bond for safety's sake

I strongly encourage a yes vote supporting the bond measure to replace Fire Station No. 2 in Ashland. It is desperately needed.

The station is necessary to meet the recommended five-minute response time to emergencies in the city. The structure's replacement is the No. 1 item on the Facilities Master Plan.

The current structure is 46 years old, built of unreinforced concrete block with asbestos in the ceiling and no insulation. It was designed for two firefighters when responses were fewer than 100 annually. Department responses in 2010 were 3,200. There are no separate sleeping and restroom facilities for the women and men staffing the station.

The new design of 10,478 square feet is considerably smaller and less costly than the replacement station that was proposed in 2006 and does not encroach on Sherman Park. For safety's sake, please vote yes.

Darrell A. Boldt

Member, Public Safety Bond Committee

Corporations should pay more

Ms. Keppler's math gymnastics are impressive. Unfortunately, the big lie that tax cuts for the rich create jobs has been told so often and so loudly that some uninformed people believe the lie.

Eight years of this BS has created the place that we find ourselves today. If you can't see this then you are not paying attention or you drank too much Kool-Aid!

P.T. Barnum once said, "you can fool some of the people all the time." I guess he meant Republicans.

The multinational corporations and rich people should pay more taxes! If you know anything about history you would know that they have lobbied the Congress and made such a mess of the tax system that they pay no taxes.

Tax laws, indeed all laws, should be written in plain, understandable language. Remember "if you read something and don't understand it, it was probably written by a lawyer." — Will Rogers.

R.L. Tokareff


Tax letter ignores progressivism

Regarding "The rich are paying their share of taxes already" (April 18):

Sharon Keppler further confuses and mystifies the tax question by entirely avoiding the question of proportionality or progressivism in taxation: the bigger the income the higher the tax rate. At one time, meaningfully progressive rates were as American as apple pie but they are now seen as "socialist" or worse. Such is the bitter fruit of Reaganism and Ruling Class "free market" propaganda.

To the contrary, and for example, Adam Smith was a strong exponent of progressive taxation as the only fair system (Wealth of Nations, Vol. II, p. 350, inter alia); note too that Jesus praised the widow's two-penny donation, coming from her necessities, while scorning the much greater donations of the rich, coming as it did from their abundance: "This poor widow hath given more than they all." (Luke 21, 3). Finally, the law of diminishing marginal utility, a bedrock of mainstream economic theory, fully supports progressivism in taxation. Progressive taxation is the only fair way.

Gerald Cavanaugh


Please join Friday vigil for justice

We seek justice because the victims cannot. Kyron Horman is still missing. Garren Beller is, too. Young Tommy Kelly went missing, found killed 10 years ago.

Dave Lewis was found brutally murdered and lit on fire, with his home and all contents, in 2008 on Dead Indian Memorial Road. That same terrible day, Troy Carney was found brutally murdered on the Greenway. Released to the press was information that the crimes had a piece of evidence linking them, but it is believed that the men never knew one another.

The cases remain open and unprosecuted and there are rewards in both cases. Killers walk free to kill again. This causes great distress to many.

Multiple families have united in an attempt to bring awareness to the community of these terrible crimes. At 6 p.m. Friday, April 29, at the Lithia Park Bandshell, there will be a candlelight justice vigil. Please join us in remembering the murdered, missing, sexually abused and assaulted. We are eternally thankful to law enforcement for investigating these crimes. We welcome and encourage all to attend.

We seek justice because the victims cannot.

Linda Lewis


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