Letters to the Editor

Homeowners cannot afford new fire station

Whoa. Hold your horses all those who keep pushing for a new fire station.

I don't think it is necessarily the size and lavish design that puts voters off, but the fact that two new "state of the art" fire stations are not necessary in a town the size of Ashland. The fact that a couple of million dollars have been shaved off the original estimate doesn't mean it will be any more acceptable to those who will be forced to foot the bill. Cost overrun always exceeds the original estimate and property taxes have tripled in the past 10 years due to such projects.

Most homeowners cannot afford to renovate or rebuild their own homes at this time, yet are expected to pay to make a more comfortable, accommodating work space for others. There is something wrong with this picture. With foreclosures so prevalent, perhaps this isn't the most opportune time to push taxpayers to spring for a new, improved fire station.

Please vote "no" once more for this unnecessary expenditure.

Nicole Twining


Re-elect Robertson to Fire District 5 board

Bill Robertson is running to keep his position on the Fire District 5 board. Bill has served well for years as the independent voice of his community — he brings clarity, commitment and tough fiscal responsibility to this job. We need to keep him on the job!

Marilyn Bailey


Americans must decide who they trust

I've been laughing all day — ever since I heard the news that Osama bin Laden was finally captured and destroyed. Indeed, this is a defining moment in the history of our country. The U.S. government reports this absurd news to our lapdog media, and the majority of Americans take the bait with hook, line and sinker.

There are now two easily defined groups of Americans — and they have nothing at all to do with Republicans and Democrats. It's all about one group believing the propaganda streaming from the federal government, and the other group being fully aware that Osama bin Laden died many years ago.

The Obama administration has played this card. Americans must now decide which group they trust.

Robert Simms


Vote Bill Robertson for fire district board

Jackson County Fire District 5 is very fortunate to have two men willing to serve in an unpaid board position. Balance in a board makeup is very important, as each member brings his or her skills, opinions and backgrounds to the collective table.

Four of the present District 5 board members, who have varied backgrounds and perspectives, have served several terms together, working with Board Chairman Bill Robertson, and already one of those is a retired fireman with a good understanding of the needs of our firefighters. That's enough balance.

Bill's real estate background gives him excellent insight into the financial problems ahead. The Phoenix-Talent merger and the excellent new fire station were both achieved under Bill's watch, without requiring either a bond issue or a tax increase! My vote is for Bill Robertson.

Bob Miller


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