Letters to the editor

Friends came to the rescue

I have very, very good friends! For that, I am truly grateful. Living in Ashland since 1984, having a business and family has made strong and wonderful friendship bonds. I wish it to be known publicly that I am truly grateful, blessed and knocked out that our Ashland citizenry came to help me over the weekend of May 15 to move my possessions to safety from my trailer due to my being evicted. Many came, since I am working in Massachusetts on a complicated paint job, with help in their hearts did a fantastic job. I have lived there for 17 years and I was evicted in absentia.

Stellar is too inadequate a word but it'll have to do. Supremely humanly heartfelt would be a closer description. My resources are slim (economy?) and their friendship is great. Their names ring out with great clarity in my mind, John, Paul, George, Greg, Dan, Ramon, George, Rick, David, Kevin, Stan, my neighbors in the park and more. When the chips are down this community shows up. Many sincerest thanks.

I have been evicted in a ruthless and swift manner by a callous local landlord and have little recourse, which they, no doubt, took advantage of. I am looking into all of them however. Tenant options are few in comparison with other states and I wish the public to know this also. Landlord tenant rights are favoring the landlord at the present time.

This is a bittersweet situation with human kindness overflowing. The times are rocky.

Garrett P. Edmands


Thanks to the budget committee

The Ashland Citizens Budget Committee has completed its work and reported out our 2011-2012 budget. The committee was able to provide for the city's needs without raising the property tax rate. They recognized and responded to the impact that the recession has had on the citizens of Ashland. They are to be commended and I thank them for volunteering their time, energy and high level of expertise.

Thank you Keith Baldwin, Dee Anne Everson, Douglas Gentry, Chuck Keil, David Runkel, Roberta Stebbins, Lynn Thompson, the city council and mayor.

Bill Heimann


What's your excuse,dog owners?

Early Sunday morning, our grandson, Coltrane West (5 years old) and I went for a walk in North Mountain Park.

We spotted a golden retriever with its owners near a "No Dogs Allowed" sign. Coltrane whispered to me, "I guess they read the sign but thought it said 'No helicopters allowed.' " Is that your excuse, dog owners?

Trish West


Bin Laden became just like us

Sounds like bin Laden pretty much became an American — sitting around drinking coke and growing pot and getting mad at our presidents on TV.

Steve Levine


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