Letters to the Editor

Ashland post office is poorly managed

To those who need to be concerned with Ashland's main post office on Lithia Way:

During the past two weeks, I have found myself in excessively long lines, waiting patiently to be assisted with my mailing needs. The first week in mention, the line filled the post office room and extended halfway into the lobby!

No one said anything to the post office personnel, though I'm sure many would have liked to. There was only one attendant at his position with three window positions empty most of the long waiting time in line. Occasionally a second post office clerk would help out.

On May 4, I was again part of long waiting lines and, I might add, only one overworked clerk was serving customers. A gentleman from behind the clerks' booths walked behind the sole clerk and looked at the approximately 15 waiting customers and walked out the other door! By this time many of us were discussing the poorly managed use of post office personnel and the blatant lack of concern for those of us who had waited so long.

I for one had to speak up to the behind-the-scenes manager who appeared the third time and asked him why this long waiting line condition has been so prevalent over many years. Incidentally, I have lived here in Ashland for the last 20 years. His answer to all of us was "We're doing the best we can." That answer is not good enough for those of us who have been the recipients of such poor management here in Ashland for countless years!

I would appreciate the Daily Tidings publishing my comments on this ongoing dilemma so that we, as long-time residents, can once again be proud of our post office.

Kenneth DeHaas


Republicans hold America hostage

Bravo to Chris Honoré for his "Pyrrhic Victory" essay.

There is no way the Republican Party can justify its threat to force America into fiscal suicide as it plays its vicious, ignorant, destructive game of refusing to raise our national debt ceiling so that vital aspects of our society and our economy can continue to function.

That debt ceiling has been lifted dozens of time in the past five decades — recall that only under the Democratic President Clinton has the budget ever been balanced recently. Now, after the Bush presidency cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans, undertook two disastrously expensive and unnecessary wars, and ushered our economy into its worst debacle since the Great Depression, the Republicans are calling for "austerity" in the most savage assault on the majority of Americans since the Gilded Age of the 1890s.

It is accurate to say that the Republican tactic means "America Held Hostage" (Paul Krugman). Last December President Obama wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts on middle income Americans only, but he caved in and agreed to the Republican Party demand that the tax cuts on the richest Americans also had to be extended. Now he is again held hostage to irrational Republican demands. Let us see what the president does. But it seems, as Krugman puts it, "At some point — and sooner rather than later — the president has to draw a line. Otherwise, he might as well move out of the White House and hand the keys over to the Tea Party." Now there's a suicide pact if ever there was one.

Gerald Cavanaugh


Don't raise the speed limit on Interstate 5

Sen. Atkinson, please do not continue to advocate for 75 mph speed limits for vehicles or 65 mph for commercial and tractor-trailers on the interstate highways!

It has been determined that we use more gas and diesel the faster we drive. With gas prices high it is time to save fuel, not burn more. It is also time to work towards lowering greenhouse gases, not increase them. Trucking companies have found they save money when trucks drive slower. How wonderful for the rest of us on the roads.

Just because other states have raised their speed limits does not mean Oregon should. We can be leaders and not followers. Most of the driving public really objects to the increase in truck traffic — it is just one after another! Freight should be traveling via railroad, not the interstate highways!

Sally and Carl McKirgan


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