Letters to the Editor

Honoré's opinion beautifully written

I am a retired English professor, CIA operative, and writer, newly resident in Ashland, and I cannot recall any time in my 80+ mildly misspent years reading a beautifully written opinion piece with which I so heartily agree.

Robin Wilson


Help mark storm drains in Ashland

Help keep creeks clean across America.

Stormwater is one of the leading causes of water pollution. Rain and snowmelt flow over impervious surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, streets, parking lots and industrial yards, picking up debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants and then dump directly into our streams and rivers via storm drains.

Anything that enters a storm drain system is discharged untreated into the water bodies we use for swimming, fishing and, in some cases, our drinking water. Many people don't realize that urban storm drains flow directly into our creeks without any treatment. As a result, people dump things like paint or oil into storm drains, or rinse chemical soaps off of their cars and into our creeks.

Rogue Riverkeeper is coordinating with the city of Ashland to mark all storm drains in the city with medallions that read, "No Dumping, Drains to Stream." We are recruiting community members to donate a few hours of their time to mark drains in their neighborhood. We provide all the materials, training and support, and you help make our community a better place by protecting our waterways.

We intend to complete this project before the rains return in late 2011. Contact lesley@rogueriverkeeper.org if you would like to volunteer.

Lesley Adams


Honor the memory of Ralph Temple

May we honor the memory of Ralph Temple, whose passing is a terrible loss to this community, and more especially to all those across the country who personally knew him, and were affected by his keen mind and indefatigable sense of justice.

Aaron Corbet


Halloween parade will be missed

I have just found out that the Chamber of Commerce has decided not to have a Halloween parade. This appears to be an effort to keep older children, youth and adults from participating; to make the event totally for children.

I am saddened by this for it was such a great community time of creativity and fun. I knew of no problems and the children I saw really loved the parade and the more adult costumes.

I wonder who decided to do this. Is it what Ashland wants?

Wendy Seldon


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