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Hoping ski area expansion falls apart

I am stunned that this City Council should even consider relinquishing the permit to the Mt. Ashland Association. In these times of such environmental disasters which we know are only going to continue and worsen, to do anything but support the local treasure we have in our watershed is simply stupid and greedy.

I honestly thought when I moved here that Ashland was a truly wise town, but this move puts us in league with every other community that favors personal and human gratification over acting wisely on behalf of all of life. It's still all about money, as are most decisions nowadays, and our council has just thrown in its vote to follow the lowest common denominator when it comes to acting in favor of life.

I am hoping that somehow this whole thing falls apart and we can maintain and nurture this beautiful, natural environment in which we all are so fortunate to live.

Anne Stine


Ignoring climate change courts disaster

Individuals diagnosed with cancer respond in many different ways. Accepting the diagnosis, seeking the best medical advice available and making a rational choice about the treatment to adopt is likely to promote recovery. Alternatively, rejecting the diagnosis — arguing, for example, that the little finger on my left hand never felt better — and continuing business as usual, especially if accompanied by denying the condition even as health obviously deteriorates, is unlikely to promote recovery.

Globally, we are in exactly this situation in relation to the disease of carbon dioxide pollution. The diagnosis is clear: Largely as a consequence of human activity, carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is already nearly 50 percent greater than it was 300 years ago.

The recommended treatment is simple: reduce its atmospheric concentration. The symptoms of disease are everywhere: Global and local temperatures are climbing, land-born glaciers and polar ice packs are melting, growing seasons are expanding, plant and animal wildlife species are relocating away from the equator and to higher elevations, diseases are becoming more severe and expanding their range, oceans are becoming more acidic and weather extremes such as heat waves, droughts, floods, and hurricanes, are becoming more severe and more frequent. It is no longer reasonable to maintain the contrarian position promoted by the campaign of lies and disinformation waged by energy corporations and right-wing politicians and commentators.

If we acknowledge the problem and take steps to address it we have a chance of reversing the condition. On the other hand, if we deny either the symptoms or that they are a consequence of the diagnosis, we court disaster.

It is time for rational folks throughout the nation and the world to stand up and call for action from ourselves, fellow Americans, and elected leaders at all levels of government.

Alan Journet


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