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'WillFul': awful or awe-inspiring?

Unlike Ms. Ireland's guest opinion of Aug. 30, OSF's "WillFul" didn't fail to make me "feel" something. In fact, it made me feel many things, and provoked considerable thought about many more. This emperor is fully dressed.

In fact, it seemed to fit the idea of "great art," as noted in the commentary; uplifting and informative, reminding those of us who experienced it that life is, indeed, worth living. Beyond that, it illustrated the many ways we each try to make sense of all the various moments, memories, fears and desires from which we construct our own realities.

This OSF production seemed to me to be the perfect product of intense creative collaboration among a broad array of extremely talented individuals. The result is a theatrical experience that would be unlikely, if not impossible, to achieve within the four walls of a typical theater setting. Each member of the audience undoubtedly was provoked by and made sense of it in his own individual way, but I believe few were unaffected and most will not soon forget it.

"WillFul" is a new theatrical form, to be sure; completely unique to OSF at this point in time. Its construction seemed integral to its impact, and I am ever so grateful that I was among those privileged to experience it.

A big "thank you" to OSF from this theater-goer.

S.P. Rust


Council ignored will of the public

Tuesday night the City Council meeting was full of common people, from business owners to scientists to the homeless, there to speak out against the transfer of the special use permit which would expedite the expansion of the Mt. Ashland Ski & Snowboarding Resort into our watershed. They were there, as more than 100 were there at the last council meeting.

Over the entirety of the public forum, nearly 100 people spoke against the transfer of the SUP, while fewer than 20 spoke in support of it; the testimony of that hundred was promptly dismissed by the City Council and the SUP was transferred with almost no discussion as to whether or not it should be.

Those council members who were voted in to represent the public will, without batting an eye, defied that will and thus defied their position. They have shown in this act that they do not represent their community or listen to the voice of the public, but only to private interests and the words in their own heads.

As a resident of Ashland I am shocked, and as a youth who still had some hope that the public will mattered, I am dismayed at our City Council.

Emery Way


Deer threaten public safety

In light of recent attacks by deer on local citizens and their pets, it would seem prudent to take some protective action.

I would suggest that when walking in areas commonly frequented by deer, people consider carrying pepper spray and/or a cane or large stick.

Further, one should consider whether it is wise to walk in such areas with a small dog. Deer think twice about larger dogs.

Further one should think about the safety of small children playing alone in deer-prevalant areas. Deer do not distinguish between small pets and children.

Increasingly we are being held hostage to our ever-growing deer population — think "fence fortress" Ashland. One of the primary responsibilities of our elected officials is the safety of our citizens. Our large and ever-growing deer population is a threat to that security promise.

E.A. (Don) Seebart


High school theater was not available

In response to OSF's potential use of the Ashland High School theater, please know that Bill Rauch and his amazing team at OSF tirelessly probed every possible use of all spaces, including ours at AHS.

Unfortunately, AHS's theater is rented every summer; American Band College as well as other groups use the theater throughout the summer, then in late August, school begins with programs for teachers. AHS would have been thrilled to house our loyal school partners at OSF. They tried!

Betsy Bishop

Ashland High School theater director

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