Letters to the Editor

Cain's Christianity seems unfamiliar

So, Herman Cain, the present darling of the right, wants to reduce taxes on the rich even more, and load a 9 percent federal sales tax on the working classes, many of whom have no jobs.

He also claims to not only be a "Christian," but to "out-Christian" the rest of the potential candidates.

Funny thing, though. I have been going over the four Gospels again and again, and I can't find the part where Jesus advises us to steal from the poor and give to the rich. Is my King James version obsolete?

Peter Nemzek


Slow down and enjoy the deer, Ashland

Congratulations Ashland! The deer count was a good idea and the Daily Tidings did an excellent job in reporting it.

The deer should stay. They are an important asset to the city of Ashland. They provide two virtues to the town: beauty and safety.

The deer are beautiful animals. Very few towns have them. Having the deer crossing the streets slows traffic down and this is seriously needed. Motorists in a hurry have hit too many bicyclists. I personally know someone who was badly injured on a bicycle after being hit by a car. I have watched a speeding car in the center of town run a red light without regard to pedestrians.

Slow down and enjoy the novelty of these wonderful animals. If you have a garden, put up a fence. Rain Bird sprinklers with motion sensors are less expensive and work well.

Al Karger


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